Dianamond Abimbola
Posted March 31, 2021 from Nigeria

I was fortunate to be in an environment last weekend where it occurred to me that even though I had felt I wasn't where I wanted and needed to be, I should be eternally grateful for the gift of not just life but also of sound health. Consecutively for 3days now, we have missed out on dinner because i couldn't afford it, and to further burst my bubbles, my first son was sent home from school yesterday for fees unpaid (this is how it is done in Nigeria). Asking myself countless times if i was really strong enough for the decision i made for my sanitys sake But then, reminising on how a single mum like me whom i met last weekend struggles like a man makes me want to forge ahead to finally see the light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

I believe i can bare my mind here without fear of judgement.

Thank you for reading.

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Beth Lacey
Apr 01
Apr 01

You are faced with so many challenges. I wish you the strength to keep moving forward for your family and yourself. Yes, World pUlse is a judgment-free place.