Dianamond Abimbola
Posted March 31, 2021 from Nigeria

That Home that saved me from self-destruct while I had undoubtedly perfected my suicidal plans... Hmm

It was a Sunday in 2006 when all plans had been adequately put in place to ensure I never survive the aftermath... Whatever the force... It was DEEP

Because God works in miraculous ways, I decided I was going to church for the last time(in my mind, I was preparing my soul for the Heavens)How naive...

Then suddenly, while rounding off the service, this pastor wouldn't just close the service for a strong revelation that just got to him on the pulpit. And the search was ON for that person who is going home to commit suicide.

At this point, I became Adamant, I won't give a hoot cos I cared less, different persons came out... Male, female o. But chai, this pastor insisted that his culprit is still someone seated amongst the multitude. Then, to burst my burble, All exit doors were shut close on instruction from this Pastor Richard.

It then dawned on me that somehow, the die was cast... With me fighting in between sitting there and watch for how people won't be allowed to go to their various homes when it was already past 1 for a service that ordinarily closes 11. 30.

This indescribable force suddenly shook me from my root and pushed me forward that I became surprised when I found myself at the altar. After which my Angel heaved a sigh of relief and the rest, History...

The above is a true story of my life, and it took tears to actually pen this down but that same force tells me, this is meant for someone. Anyone who has finally given up on themselves and sees suicide as the best alternative to chicken out.

Darling, my life is a testimony defined clearly by grace and mercy. Yeah, I do not have all that I want, but I clearly am not where I used to Be.

Be thankful, keep pushing... For when there's life, Hope is certain.

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Mar 31
Mar 31

Thank you for sharing. We come to this world and our survival is an amazing grace from God. Don't give up! Sometime God may give us challenge. He will help us to overcome it. We will become stronger after that. Trust God and trust yourself. Tomorrow is always a better day!
May Almighty God bless you!

Dianamond Abimbola
Apr 01
Apr 01

Thank you Rebecca, God bless you too

Apr 07
Apr 07

Hello beautiful ,
Thank you for sharing .
I hope you are safe ?
Bless you .