The voice of reason in an unreasonable world

Diane Dillon
Posted August 9, 2011 from Canada

I find that now with so many crucial issues facing the world today, there is a sense of urgency to resolve and restore those things we value. I personally find it challenging and know how quickly things can change. I am now facing a lot of challenges and the need for lawyers who will come forward to deal with these cases that have great merit which is paramount to a cornerstone that needs to be in place to effect the change desired. The wall of corruption and deception has been instruamental in obstructing justice and furthering the suffering of others.

Human dignity has been compromised and that of the planet we all inhabit. Moral support is needed for those as myself who face these challenges. The hope of each of us adds to the hope of all of us. if there are any agencies or groups or individuals who can assist with either a fund raiser or any of the needs above the case we are dealing with here in Canada We have come to that moment where we have come to close to the finish line to now lose out because of lack of funds or people who can actually use their voice and find ways to help. please contact me if you feel you can help or lend moral support. we must be the voice of reason. I hope to return to the states and have all this resolved in process.

Diane Dillon[email protected]



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