An Inheritance Lost

Diane Dillon
Posted April 8, 2015 from Canada
This picture is from a true story- monument men

An Inheritance lost

We all lose when the tyrants gain ground in the lives of anyone.

These tyrants who reside in all countires and in all venues are not just political, but they are in every industry , in the workplace and in relationships. The oppresive measures , deception and gaslighting is a constant in how they gain power.

We must find refuge in truth and justice and use the truth to defeat the lies and deception practiced by those persons who choose to be tryants, and it is a choice.

it may seem difficult at first but when people join togetherr to defeat these tyrants we can regain our inheritance which we will lose if no action is taken.

The inheritiance of freedom, democracy, justice and our own humanity is at stake

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