Canadas death penalty

Diane Dillon
Posted July 11, 2015 from Canada

Canada has been know to be very lenient and does not have a death penalty according to the leaders and canadians. I would like to point out when someone is murdered or killed by law enforcement , RCMP etc that is the death penalty. This last week a 23 year old man was killed by RCMP, shot down at about 1030 am in Port Hardy. He lay dead on those streets for 9 hours under a plastic tarp. He had not been charged or convicted of a crime he was appartently in distress and needed help and RCMP followed him and challenged him and when he did not accept the challenge he was shot to death in cold blood. He was shot and killed within about 25 feet of the medical clinic and hospital and 50 feet from crisis center. Where was the help he needed and why did RCMP kill this small framed young man.

There is an ongoing investigation but there has been discussion of mistaken identity and thyat there was another man of same name who was a dangerous offender and this was part of the case.

The bullets could be heard all over town and there were a number of shots fired. The man was shot in the legs then attempted to get up walk towards hospital and then was shot several times more and died at the scene.

There was no cause for this and no one deserves to die on the streets like this and be left in the hot sun under a tarp for 9 hours

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