Economic Conflict/Debt Bondage Human Trafficking

Diane Dillon
Posted June 5, 2016 from Canada

I was attending University In Victoria BC and was looking for work to continue my education and plan my future. There was an advertisement at an employment center for a night security position at a lodge for seniors outside the city near a wooded area. This seemed like an ideal job as it included a residence at the site and I could go to University and work nights.

I applied for the position and was accepted. I was trained for the job by management to respond to multiple alarm systems and deal with a number of other matters related to the job. the building was by the woods and five stories high..

I started work at 8 pm and finished at 8 am. I was in good shape physically to do rounds and answer alarms when they went off. I contacted 911 respondents sometimes 5 times a night depending on an emergencies that happened. I worked completely alone during my shifts and I worked 65 hours a week nights .

The seniors that lived there came to me routinely to complain about some of the staff and management, mostly about abuse and neglect and the poor food quality etc. then several came forward to mention the manager was taking money out of their bank accounts and they were asked for credit card information or to sign blank checks etc. the seniors already paid anywhere from 2500.00 to 3500.00 to live in these small suites and the food and service was not up to any standard.

I contacted pubic officials and a well know seniors advocate to report these events and when I went to the owners of the lodge and sent them a letter they refused to help and became part of the problem. I myself had not been paid and brought this to their attention, thinking this was an oversight on their part. I got that wrong instead they sent people to threaten me on a number of occasions.

I do round each night by starting in the basement and I have short 15 minute meeting to relieve day staff and the staff give me the 2 pagers and sets of company keys. On 2 nights day staff was cleared out of the basement area

and all lights were turned off and some one was waiting for me in the dark basement, I had been warned about this by a staff member a few days before and decided to have people monitor this and I obtained a digital record with a wore to protect myself. I was stalked and ambushed in the dark basement and have this on tape. I was threatened repeatedly and violent gesture were made by the person . I was very shaken b y these events and had others come out to help later that week. another staff member came to my security suite while a friend was there and I was off duty to let me know she and other staff knew what went on in the basement those 2 nights and that the manger who was to be away on holiday had been hanging around stalking the building and that something was going to happen to me at some nights but she was not sure when. I had some people come out to help with rounds after that and when we went downstairs we met with the same staff member who related it was not safe for me to due rounds alone anymore and she went on about the dangers and management and the owners. After that talk we went to do rounds and calvin who was with me and helping found a weapon under a cushion of a chair by the bosses office. He and Jo ,met with a retired prison warden who was coming in the building and he identified it and the 3 people then wrapped it up and labeled it and we took it for safe keeping.

I documented everything that was going on at this lodge and took photographs and tapes and also contacted Work safe prevention officers to have the place investigated. A work safe officer came to investigate at 730 am before any staff arrived and he wrote this company up for 8 pages of written unlawful violations. I presented evidence that found the owners and management guilty of contravention of tax laws and contravention of labor laws to date. The civil aspect of my case goes to trial in July 2016 and i no longer have an attorney due to financial reason, it cost me 235.00 an hour for 2 years and that depleted all my resources. I was not paid the year I worked for the company, I lived at the company site and it was 10 below zero weather and 6 foot snow banks that winter.

I had no where to go and the company created a false debt for me to work off , they decided to bill me 2300.00 a month for my small 3 room security suite which is a work station and also against labor laws which is why it is debt bondage human trafficking. since I was not paid I was malnourished and became diabetic and have serious health issues that are now life threatening as a result of my employment at this company. I am permanently disabled due to the violence I was exposed to. When management found out I was gathering evidence against the company I was coerced into a small room and interregated against my will for several hours and not allowed to leave due to their threats. this was defined by legal counsel as unlawful confinement and kidnapping. I sent evidence to Loretta Lynches office the US Attorney Generals office and her office in Washington Dc had taken over the criminal aspect of the case and the civil aspect is in Victoria BC. The men who run this company and a host of others have been red flagged and all their companies are being audited by CRA. They have billion dollar companies such ad pharmaceutical , oil , EXI Wireless etc , The one I worked for was similar to that of a front company. their companies cross borders and I discovered a great deal about them which would and should alarm others as their intentions are sinister. they won Verichip a human ID implant and also are originally from the Congo but are in Canada legally and are trying to make Muslim laws the accepted laws in Canada and USA. They operate out of Paris, London,Canada, USA and Kurdistan . The owners I worked for are leaders of ISLAM and I question their advertisement for peace as this economic deprivation and criminal conduct would suggest otherwise. to treat an employee with such hostility and non payment of wages while they provide such a valuable service and save the lives of the residents weekly when the alarms went off would be obvious to anyone that this was more like an act of war. To diminish a persons health and also cheat honesty tax payers by their actions etc costing the system money, plus all the other issues involved would suggest anything but peace or economic fairness and any sense of justice.

They recruit at employment centers at college campuses etc preying on the vulnerable and those who need work.

To what end!!!!!

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Diane Dillon
Jun 05, 2016
Jun 05, 2016

I hope others will learn from my experience and not fall into the same trap