Its all in a Name/ The definition is what is lacking

Diane Dillon
Posted September 9, 2016 from Canada

I have years of experience with courts and documenting issues and working with victims and witnesses. I have done a lot of research and networking on cases and organizations.

The sad reality is there seems to be deficiant behavior in the above mentioned as far as what people can expect or even know about an office , court or steps involved and cost.

Example the office of the Minister of Justice in BC in reality translates into the office of injustice and is or demonstrates no power to help anyone or solve the problem.

I recently sent evidence to that office on crimes committed and also tapes of actual crimes taped live, I was informed to get this to RCMP I had but they refused to do anything and cover ups are routine as is pass the buck.

I was informed by the office of injustice that it is up to RCMP if they want to investigate or not etc, I asked who they answer to apparentley no one. since anyone paying taxes would be the potential employer I suggested that a petition be drawn up and legislation made that we govern the RCMP and other offices to hold them accountable.

RCMP are law enforcement but by translation more like obstruction of justice a cooperative venture supported by the courts and others so called authorities and sponsered by unsuspecting citzens, visitors and residents to further the cause of vicitmization which is quite the industry and steady employment guaranteed.

it is time for change and new definition to any job descriptionand title.

What do criminals have to fear when they are so supported by a malfunctioning system.

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Diane Dillon
Sep 09, 2016
Sep 09, 2016

there will be more examples we must change this