Elections, Campaigns and the void created

Diane Dillon
Posted November 9, 2016 from Canada

Elections, campaigns and the void created are on my mind lately the constant need to divide and conquer at great expenseand waste. the campaigns have gotten off track and are over priced verbal wars declaredon the public in hope to gain by those in an election a job which the candidate may not be able or qualified to perform or do and yet the skills are never presented in the campaign just louddiscussion and attack the opponent.

dignity is needed and a sense of presence. the candidates should be demonstratingtheir skills by example as that is leadership, where is their historywith the people they want to vote for them, where have the candidate been all their lives and how can they build a relationship with the people in the manner used lately.

whenanyone runs for office , their skills must be relevant and ongoing as well as a relationship with the people who will elect that person must begin years earlier not last minute at an election, talk is cheap but campaigns are not and yet the price is paid and to what end

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