To Be or not to BE is not a valid question it is a challenge

Diane Dillon
Posted October 9, 2018 from Canada

I founded a social justice organization in 2009 ( STANDING TALL) The work involves a lot of research, networking , referrals and at times attending court proceedings. We also donate goods and services and help people get more of the same.

Over the years advocates have faced many obstacles and challenges. some are financial others have to do with barriers that exist in systems in the world today.

Discrimination is a big issues and poverty in communities a constant battle . In some of the case young children are very much at risk yet the system did not protect them or intervene to prevent any further harm to them. I have found the same when it comes to seniors and disabled people no supports in place . 

The laws are not enforced and human rights violations  are epidemic in many places so people have no real course of action and insult to injury seems to be the case.

Legal help is needed pro-bono for victims of violent crimes and other crimes yet  there is none but criminal get free legal help and support

Is Canada running an adult day care for substance abuse as well at great cost to others and then reducing services for the children at risk and seniors etc

There is no funding for anyone else but the streets are filled with crime and people who abuse drugs and alcohol .

The ambulances are being used as a taxi service for people who just drank too much and pass out on street or benches 

This is abuse of the system and then other people pay for this but do not get to utilize these services and resources are marginalized as is

IT IS time for change and people to take responsibility for their own lives and start building strong healthy communities

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Jill Langhus
Oct 10, 2018
Oct 10, 2018

Hi Diane,

Thanks for sharing your post and letting us know more about your organization. What are your suggestions for building strong, healthy communities? I would think most morals stems from good parenting, personally, but I'm curious what your take is.

Hope you're having a good day.

Diane Dillon
Oct 13, 2018
Oct 13, 2018

My suggestions for the world we now live in is restoration, since there is a lot of dysfunction in society it means that we need a strong sense of community at an international level. to exchange ideas and also inform and include everyone. green spaces , green jobs and access to education and services for everyone. A world that includes based on universal laws and morals .

Tarke Edith
Jan 06, 2019
Jan 06, 2019

Thanks for sharing your story keep up with the organization