The Power of absence

Diane Dillon
Posted November 7, 2018 from Canada

I have come to realize there is power in absence.  when any one thinks of something or someone that is absent in their life there is power in remembering and also power in the absence. When there is an absence of justice we are motivated to fight or work for justice, when there is an absence of hope we work hard to create hope. In the case of homelessness , there are now committee to create homefulness and help the homeless. The absence of anything can and does create a powerful reaction and response .

When i remember people who have been in my life and are now gone I also remember their influence on me and their kindness which gives me strength to face obstacles in my own life , it is a way to be empowered in time of doubt and discouragement.

Whenever we see absence we are motivated to do something that is a very powerful tool.

I have observed the painful problems of war and poverty in the world and like many other strive for peace . The pollution and damage to the planet we all share motivates me to live differently and work towards sustainability.

When I see the news about the suffering of those who starve and have thirst from drought I am motivated to speak out and approach world leaders to deal with this issues and change things for the betterment of others

I have learned to look at things much differently

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Jill Langhus
Nov 08, 2018
Nov 08, 2018

Hi Diane,

Thanks for sharing your introspective post. I agree with you, but I had never really thought of challenges in this way before either. It's definitely an interesting, and optimistic way to look at life.

You may want to consider submitting this story for the current story awards, "What Gives You Hope?"

I hope you're doing well, and having a great day!

Ngala Nadege
Jan 01, 2019
Jan 01, 2019

Waow ! Beautiful lesson for me. I am happy you fine hope in every situation
Thank you for sharing.

Jan 27, 2019
Jan 27, 2019

Challenging times are an invitation to make the best out of our gifts... It's always hopeful to read inspiring stories like yours, inviting to change perspectives.
Stay strong!