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His Royal Highness the Shah Aga Khan/Accountability, Transparency?

Diane Dillon
Posted April 16, 2015 from Canada
Expired on June 15, 2015
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I have been invloved in a major legal case since 2009. I am the principle witness/victim.

I have had to pay court fees , legal fees and travel expense for this case since 2009 with no help from any agency etc. the cost for me so far 48,000 dollars and for the first time I am in debt, beyond what the cost were so far. My need is for any funds, grants to help continue this and also a lawyer and or prosecuting attorny is needed , pro bono or contingency. the case took place in BC Canada we need to have them extraditied to USA to stand trial. The case involves leaders of Islam and His Royal Highness the Shah Aga Khan. He is very wealthy and has been given the chance to correct the situationbut has not responded. I am now impverished due to these people and am permenently disabled and face financial issues for medical legal etc. I would like media involvement to expose all this and help with doing a book on the story.

The case involves Debt Bondage Human Trafficking and a number of other crimnal offenses, which were committed by members of the society which is run by His Royal Highness.

I did speak with one of his asstiance in France several times and she assured me she forwarded the letter and the Evidence to his Royal Highness in February 2015. no reply yet


Letter to His royal Highness The Shah Aga Khan

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