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About Me

I have been championing the rights of others for most of my life since high school. I have witnessed many things over the years. I witnessed the assault of a 7 year old child and the brutal treatment of a 2 year old who was being picked up and shaken. The 2 people who did these acts were the parents and also very racist and vocal about it. I was a teaching assistant at the time and I reported it as the law dictates I must. The people who did this as well as offences against seniors and disabled have harrassed me for over 2 years and victimized me and anyone who reports them. The reason they get away with it is the brother is a police officer. They are guilty of 8 offences and have 4 police files and no charges ever laid.The case is going to court and has cost me over 8,000 in expenses social justice, human rights, writing, dancing road trips exploringl and I am now disabled public speaking, organizing, research. advocate

My Vision

a world where truth and dignity are welcome and a career and a home of my own in the desert or near nature where I can keep writing and get my books published.

I love the desert and also the forest and ocean area nature is a place I find solace.


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