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Free online course on preventing child sexual exploitation

Dina Yazdani
Posted August 17, 2015 from United States
Expired on October 16, 2015

According to the United Nation's Global Report on Trafficking in Persons estimates that 97% of those who are trafficked for sexual exploitation are women, and that over one million children are being trafficked every year. You can play a role in preventing the exploitation of children by learning how to identify the early signs that your child, or one you know may be being recruited or trafficked into sex exploitation. Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation, or PACE, has teamed up with Safeguarding Children e-Academy to create an accessible and free online course to help you do just that.Keep Them Safe: Protecting Children from Child Sexual Exploitation will help equip you with the knowledge to protect children against sexual exploitation.

The course is composed of three parts, and will only take 30 minutes to complete. Once you have you will not only have the knowledge to combat this issue, but also a certificate indicating your completion of the program that you can share to others.

To register for the free online course, click here and you will be directed to the sign-up page. You can also find the link, and more information on their main page.

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