She's your daughter

Dinayen paulette
Posted November 15, 2019 from Cameroon
Respect me, let me have my dignity
Respect me, let me have my dignity (1/1)

She's barely started seeing her menses

She has been left under your care to educate and train by her poor family. Hoping you give her a brighter future.

She sees an uncle, an elder or maybe even a brother.

But you see a woman. You take away her innocence in the most disrespectful way possible. You hunt her memories and dreams. 

Despite the years, she can't open up to any person of the opposite gender because of you.

She won't give anyone a chance, she hates herself for your huge appetite. She cries every night and won't tell the story to anyone. 


This story was submitted in response to #IStandWithHer.

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Jill Langhus
Nov 15
Nov 15

Hi Paulette,

How are you? Thanks for sharing your sad story, dear. Is this about you or someone you know? I hope she speaks up and is able to heal from her past.

Hope you're safe and well, dear?!

Joy Xi
Nov 15
Nov 15

That is so true. So often we as women see trusted figures, and those trusted figures see us as women whose bodies can be taken.

Nov 15
Nov 15

Hi Paulette,

Give my warm hugs to her. I stand for her.

Nov 16
Nov 16

Dear Paullette,
Thanks for sharing! This is so traumatic, to devoid someone of her innocence abusively. I sincerely #istandwithher

May she find joy in her sorrow in the coming future. Dear, take care of yourself and have a great weekend.

Anita Shrestha
Nov 16
Nov 16

Dear Sis
Thank you for sharing. Be strong

Nov 17
Nov 17

True dear,that is why we must be on the look out,we must be detectives in our little communities for each other as girls and women. Thanks for shearing.

Hello, Paulette,

Thank you for adding your voice to speak for the daughters of the world. This is a powerful statement. Keep it up!

Nov 23
Nov 23

Hi Dinayen!
I stand with you my dear. Thanks for sharing with us. Nice day my dear!

Jacqueline Namutaawe

Hey Paulette this is sad and it is what is happening to majority of our young girls. They are being abused by their own relatives-blood relatives. Can you imagine!