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About Me

I am a Cameroonian male, born in June 1983, residing in Johannesburg South Africa. I am the founder and General Coordinator of ORFEDAV Cameroon, an NGO working to promote education, development, violence awareness, research and volunteer and intern placement. I work as operations manager and corporate facilitator for Future Competence (Pty) Ltd in South Africa and I am a member of Amnesty International Southern Africa.

Over the years, my passion has been to add my voice as a remarkable contribution to the change the world hopes to see as part of global initiatives to make the world a better place. I encourage men working closely with men to combat Domestic and Gender Based Violence in our societies. I'm interested in offering whatever form of intellectual support that is required to make this change evident for all. I like my country, Cameroon and would want to see change happen there for the common good of all.

This is a true life story I am bringing to your attention, not because I just wish to share it, but because I am concerned about the world's response to and views of Gender based violence. I believe this story would have impact on most men who read it and decide to act likewise. I use this to challenge males into understanding that we are equally responsible for the peace and respect we expect from our female folks, not be inflicting pain and suffering them, but by accepting them as the weaker gender and working closely with them with much care and intimacy. My story goes thus;

I was once a perpetrator of gender based violence when I was younger, but with orientation from a senior male back home whom I considered my mentor, I came to understand the important role women have to play to add value to the world. I took my decision from then on, to impact the world positively by acting as an agent for change. Trying severally to work closely with women did not solve the problems we had in society. I embarked on a series of studies to understand what niche I could work on to add my values. In 2003, while I was attending high school, I came across a series of boys perpetrating violence against girls. I approached the girls to find out that what was going on was from the boys' side. Then I approached the boys to find out why they had to take such a violent action on the girls. They reported that the teachers and school administrators would respond so violently each time a lady reported them. To me, they were ignorant of the joy and peace I enjoyed not laying hands on, or saying something stupid against the girls.

One day, I rallied a couple of friends with similar notions and we discussed how important it was for us to focus our attention on changing the perceptions of boys on violence against girls. We held a series of workshops in school to educate and sensitize the boys, which really created much impact. With this, the boys changed their views towards girls and the rate of prevalence recorded during the following years dropped drastically with a student orientation network running across the school environment. Today, I highly believe that If gender and domestic violence must be subdued, men must be involved actively in the process as it becomes easier for men to talk men out of violence perpetration unlike women talking men out. With my experience working with a few organizations locally in Cameroon, as well as professional experience in counseling and orientation, I have been and continue to make impact in my world, and look forward to do even more, while welcoming the support that would enable me to do even better.

Today, I am a happy person knowing that what I started back them is yielding fruits and much can still be done to see it spread widely across the country, continent and the entire globe. Capacities building, adventure, writing, designing and surfing the internet Funding, effective communication, training and networking Graphics/Web Design, Capacity Building & Orientation, Facilitation, Writing, Leadership

My Vision

To empower men to take positive action in impacting the world.