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Information sur l'outil informatique

djamila ibrahim olame
Posted August 7, 2020 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Tamarack Verrall
Aug 07
Aug 07

Chère Djamila, C'est un travail difficile, de savoir ce qu'on a besoin et de ne pas avoir les fonds pour en faire autant que tu veux. Avec chaque femme que tu rencontre, sa vie change. J'espère que tu trouverai les fonds, et que tu pourrai trouver de l'espoir dans ce que tu as réussi à accomplir jusqu'à présent. C'est un travail tellement important.

djamila ibrahim olame

Bonjour chère Tamarack
Merci pour votre encouragement, je l'espère aussi.
Bonne week-end

Hello, Djamila,

Promoting technology in rural areas is an important yet challenging work.

What resources do you currently have right now that the girls can use or borrow to learn about computer?

Maybe while waiting for funding, you can draw or print a computer and put parts on it. Let them know the functions.

I used to work in rural communities, and to introduce our water filter project, my team and I did a lot of drawing on Manila Papers as our communication tool so the community gets familiarized with the actual filter.

You can already start with what you have right now then progress slowly when actual computers or mobile phones are available.

Aug 14
Aug 14

Dear Djamila,
Congratulations for being a featured change maker. You are truly a change maker fighting to bring change despite the odds. Sometimes, using visuals could help you to still work while hoping to get the actual tools.
I pray you be able to get funding to carry out your plans.