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About Me

A veterinarian by profession,I have a passion for community development through interaction of people and livestock as a catalyst of development in the mainly agriculture based economies of Africa..this is made possible by my position at Heifer International through education and livestock related training as well as placement of animals to impoverished families to support in income generation and nutrition.
My passion is hindered by serious community challenges especially the HIV/AIDS scourge that threatens to wipe a large part of Africa off the continental map.
It is my hope that this forum serves as a platform for sharing and learning from the hugely experienced members of this network!
A huge welcome to all of you and thumbs-up for the innovators!! Community development, empowerment for social change,and learning through travels! High iliiteracy and increasing poverty amid conflicts that don't seem to end especially in Africa and mid-East Livestock development planning and management with interests in the fight against HIV/AIDS!

My Vision

An Africa defined by those true values in the African warm and welcoming rather than hostile and conflict-ridden!!