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Deepika Nayyar
Posted October 4, 2011 from India

I came, I saw, I conquered…

Everyone I know seems to be quoting this phrase. I do not know if it is a fad or an underlying current replicating itself at a pace unmapped. It creates a sense of isles being created and isolation gaining power. Everyone I know is trying to exercise their space, their right and their mark of existence. Nothing wrong with this per se, but what bemuses me is the loneliness that resounds in this, a desolation of the society and a degeneration of basis of community and living, so to say. Few seeming to take notice of all this, or so I assume.

The despair grows when I am in the cities. Dead as they are, everyone seems too restless, fidgety trying to lay they hands on whatever they possibly can to capture, to possess, to hold on to something they can call their own. Not to mention, all this before someone else does. Where as when I move to the villages, even the remotest of them they want ‘development’, they want to be the cities where ‘all’ is available and accessible! All this is but the tip of the iceberg. Here I do not wish to begin a debate on what is right or what is wrong, the continuums of development, of parameters of progressions or anything of the sort. All I wish to do is to draw attention to the thoughtlessness with which the momentum is associating itself, the expanse of its engulf.

The only solace I find is in the fact there are still a few wanting to listen, to hear someone else out and to share. When I read stories so far and distant but so similar to my world and my stories, it rejuvenates the hope in me. The last three weeks have elevated my faith in being– I met few strong women, carriers of change I’d like to call them and millions more through World Pulse. I shared what I thought, heard and read their versions and perspectives of the worlds as it exhibits itself to them.

The only way out of the growing despondency around the world is to unite and share the few stories of courage, of life and of living. Each one of us is here just for a fraction of eons and eons of life here. But what is important is the way we live even this fraction, because everything we do and think has a consequence and price to be paid for. Now who pays the price of the choices we make is up to us alone. We need to spread the realization of this responsibility that is so innate to each one of us. The I-don’t-care, so-what, and the likes is what we are paying for.

This is why we need feminism to be revived. The loss of femininity in all of us in our race to be eMANcipated has to stop. And this will begin when we women unite and realize that as carriers of change and source of lives we have a greater responsibility. We need to connect. To share. To strengthen. To encourage. The onus is on us. It is time we decide and steer towards a future we envision together. Inclusive!!!

This is where I see World Pulse as a big opportunity and greater responsibility. It provides us to network and share our stories of despair, courage, joys, pain and all. Sharing and discussing is step further towards a possible solution to the problem. As a think-tank, world pulse with all the multifarious perspectives and points of view is a step closer to steering the issues towards a possible fix panacea.

All is not lost. It may take time, the battle is on and I have so many this side… Battle begun... Battle unsung..

Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision

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Joya Comeaux
Oct 04, 2011
Oct 04, 2011

Wishing you the best ... joya

Nusrat Ara
Oct 04, 2011
Oct 04, 2011

Yes you are right you have so many on your side. Do keep writing and sharing with us.


Oct 06, 2011
Oct 06, 2011

I agree that when we unite, we are corporately and individually more powerful. And yes, certainly, when we share stories, we offer education, healing, help and support to each other.

The one thing I disagree with is that there aren't 'few' stories of courage in today's world. There are many. They just need to be told.

That's where we come in :)

Oct 08, 2011
Oct 08, 2011

As I read your piece, I didn't so much relate to the sense that everyone is trying to dominate and conquer. Then I took a second to think where you are from and where I am from. I hear news often about India and its drive in the world economy - its speedy charge entering into the global economy. I live in a progressive city in the U.S in which so many are creating businesses, ways of living, and values that are about drawing close, changing within, healing bodies and minds. Of course I face some of what you are stating, but in my daily life my people are pretty connected to values I share.

And that is where WorldPulse is so very powerful. Your piece made me really wonder what it is like for you in India - I wonder about what city or town you live in, your job, your friends...wondering makes us closer.

So glad you have uncovered a sense of hope and support here on PulseWire.



Oct 10, 2011
Oct 10, 2011

Hi there,

I definitely know what you mean when you are describing the world dominated by the "me". People are more and more exercising their right to have a say in everything and on everything, whether it is about how they don't think national policy is fair, to what toppings they put on their pizza last night. In pushing for a forum where everyone's opinions and thoughts matter, we have lost a bit of the ability to listen and engage with others, and to support others, especially if they exercise the same mindless chatter some others do. World Pulse may be just the place to do that, because here, the collective goal is to share and to listen and support. I loved reading your entry, and I am excited that you are doing your best to be an engaging member, whatever work you dedicate your efforts to. Keep on keeping on :)