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About Me

Born in South Africa, with roots in India and French Indian Islands, my childhood experiences as a discriminated citizen: forced to live in segregated areas, attend segregated schools, and even play on segregated beaches , jolted me quickly into the search for truth and the eternal questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is this world I am experiencing?

Since the life changing experiences in South Africa, I've lived solo in many countries.
My global mission has been to restore humanity on its natural course by regenerating Planet Earth , human rights, equality for all, ending poverty, and rejuvenating super consciousness.

Join my skills training and job opportunities initiatives in Africa and Americas that provide wholesome jobs focused on healthy lifestyle, protection of environment and compassion and respect for all beings.

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Love V
Scientist, Humanitarian, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Author

My Vision

To regenerate Planet Earth (clean air, water, lands, protect fauna and flora) & restore super conscious humanity through wholesome jobs.


Crowd funding to support global Super Conscious Humanity Centers for special needs populations.


+30 years of global experience in entrepreneurship, scientific research on health, agriculture, clean environment, natural health, education


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