Women Can Restore Equality & Human Rights & Eliminate Gender Based Violence World Wide

Doctor Vie
Posted May 12, 2015 from South Africa
Discover How Women and Children Can Restore Peace On Earth
Dr. Vie Inspires Children In Africa To Be Compassionate Humans, through her Free Program Dr. Vie SuperKids

A Non-White Female in South Africa

I was born and raised in South Africa, discriminated against as a “non-white”. I left the country as a young woman to accept a scholarship to study in the USA. For over 20 years now, I’ve worked and lived in 6 countries, 22 cities, on my own strength. I began to realize a different kind of “discrimination” which I call man-made inequality amongst humans.

The Start of My Global Experiences

Being of Indian background, my blend of spirituality and scientific knowledge (post-doctorate in medical devices from Ohio State University, and natural health scientist) is continuously being applied wherever I go, under my purpose of transforming humans on our Planet Earth from beings that are capable of terrible atrocities, to beings who can return to their true human nature, which is to be compassionate.

Inhumane Acts Exist Around the Globe

I’ve personally learned much at the hands and through the minds of our fellow humans who are obsessed with the desire for power, domination and pleasuring their senses. Yet over the years, on my own, with just my self to rely on for all my strength, through focused research, development and actual practice, I’ve discovered the root cause of the dilemma that haunts humans. I’ve uncovered why humans fall into the same trap each day.

My Solo Personally Funded Mission

Through my personally funded mission of transforming humans, I’ve been creating awareness wherever I go, be it on short bus rides, or as speaker at large gatherings of thousands of people. I do so by sharing all that I know from a scientific standpoint, from a factual stance, from field experiences and directly from the depths of my spirit.

In my life I’ve met people of Royal blood, billionaires, Olympians, celebrities, and many more that indulge in higher statuses of life. I’ve met the regular person, going about their routines in life. I’ve also met those who are suffering such horrific physical and mental abuse, that it rips my heart apart. I myself have experienced poverty for years alone in a foreign countryas I grappled with entrepreneurship.

Lack of Inner Peace: The Catylst for A World At War With Humans

The fact is this: at this very moment in time as I write, we have millions of refugees who are suffering without a place to call home. We have at least a billion people starving and ravaged by thirst. We have at least a billion people diseased, most often by the very air that they breathe. We have at least a billion who are filled with hatred and are focused on harming others. We have millions of human and sex traffickers feeding on the women and children and the less fortunate.

The Rise of Inequality to the Norm of Inequality

The gap between the haves and have not’s is expanding.

Inequality is increasing world-wide.

The inevitable question is: “Why? “

The more relevant question is: “What have we done, to bring us to the point that we are at today?”

Yes, each and every one of us is responsible for what is happening in our world today.

Systemic Problems Lead To Inequality, Gender Violence, & Inhumane Acts

We have systematically allowed for this future to unfold into the present, by all the decisions, small and large that we have taken in the past.

The big question is: “What does the future hold?”

The bigger question is: “What are you willing to do to shape the future to be a better one?”

The better question is: “What will you do to shape the future to be one of equality, compassion and support for all beings on Earth?

Creating Awareness & Changing The Infrastructure

Recently, I published my decades of research findings into the book: Taming The Female Impostor: Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity. The content guides both men and women to understand the root cause of the current problems and teaches how to restore homeostasis to Planet Earth and return to the natural purpose in the cycle of humanity.

Helping Africa

A few months ago, I returned to Africa, and gave 40 free inspirational talks to thousands of people ages five to 100+.

During one of my talks, I addressed female sex trade workers ages 15 to 55 and motivated them to remove themselves from their roles as sex objects. The women asked me profound questions. If I did not know who the women were, I would have thought that they were university graduates! (Do watch the video of snippets of the talk.) Their questions were self-proof, that they were capable of transforming their lives. Sex trade workers have all that it takes to make a change in their lives.

I also provided a free 3 day workshop to the peer educators and staff of LifeLine Africa. Many of them were previously street workers themselves. They now spend their days in the dangerous streets, brothels, and slums where they educate the sex trade workers on how to prevent STD and other diseases. During my 3 day workshop, the staff members revealed their darkest fears to me. We cried together. Words cannot describe what we experienced as a group during that session. (Do watch the video of snippets of the workshop.) Now I am providing ongoing long distance follow up support to them so they can continiue their important work from a state of inner peace.

In South Africa, I also addressed thousands of children ages 5 to 16, through my personally funded mission called Dr. Vie SuperKids. The purpose is to enlighten children so that they can transform themselves to be compassionate beings from an early age, and mindfully select good and right thoughts, words and acts every step of the way. Through training they learn to create an equal society, equal nations, equal world of humans, and equality for all beings.

The response from the children was amazing. Many of them were from broken homes, or been abused, or disadvantaged. (Do watch the video of snippets of the workshops.) These are the children who will transform South Africa, and “stop the hatred, stop the sexual abuse, stop the domestic violence, stop the crime, stop the murders,” as the children said.

North America's LifeStyle Increases Acts of Inhumanity

Now that I am back in the North Americas, where it is said that this country leads the world in technology, power and more, I encounter so many people who are worlds apart from the suffering that is going on right under their own noses, within themselves, in their own homes, communities and nations let alone the rest of the world.

My discoveries over the years reveal that we must first look within, and question everything that we think, say and do. Are we restoring humanity or destroying it?

We have blindly accepted the standards and purpose of life imposed onto us by groups, systems and organizations. Most of which wield influence because of the money they possess, the awards or titles they have, or the power that they wield over the minds of the masses.

The False Belief Feeds Inhumanity

We now erroneously believe, without question, that our purpose is to read, write, train to work for the missions of businesses, organizations, or corporations, with the hope that we make enough money to provide for our families and to enjoy enough pleasures of life and leave a legacy behind. Then we die.

But it is these very “self-serving missions” of businesses, organizations, or corporations that we must question. Are they promoting equality, decreasing gender violence, supporting human rights and eliminating starvation, diseases and suffering? Are they supporting Planet Earth and all her resources?

We look to the developed nations, like USA, UK, Canada to lead the way in progress. These countries and their lifestyles become the dream for many people around the world, even in South Africa.

But these very lifestyles and the infrastructure that has been put into place to achieve and preserve it, has created the blind acceptance of compromises, inequalities, suffering and abuses that we see today around the world. Is there hope? Of course, but are you willing to understand the real cause of suffering and take the necessary steps to be part of the solution?

Saving Our World From Inhumane Acts, Gender Violence & Suffering

There are 3 main areas that must be addressed to restore human rights, gender and all equality in the world.

1. Women Must Change Their LifeStyle & Attitudes

One of the main contributors of gender equality, sexual violence, sexual trafficking and domestic violence is the lack of responsibility of many women in developed nations, who view themselves as trendy, hip and empowered women.

Women have a great responsibility in restoring compassion, and eliminating domestic violence and sexual abuse. Yet, since civilization, they have blindly accepted their roles as sensual and sexy beings. Over time, their wants have led to the creation of industries, that create jobs and opportunities that rely on women stepping into their false identities.

Sadly, women who strive to be fashionable, sexy, and desirable, have stimulated and fanned the fire of sexual desire in men throughout the world to become one of atrocious acts of sexuality against the innocent. This coupled with technology, allows sexual predators on mobile devices, even in houses of worship to be sexually aroused by watching women advertising something as simple as underwear or a car.

It is like you are storing a chocolate cake in the fridge of a diabetic and not taking responsibility for any action thereafter.

Sexual desire must be brought under control world wide at all levels, starting with women and spreading to the deconditioning of men.

Only when women around the world stop viewing themselves as sensual beings, stop the fashion and beauty industries who produce sexually stimulating products, stop the marketing and sales industries that exploit sensuality and stop anything that exploits women and sensuality, then half the battle would be won. Sexual desire will abate around the world, the population growth will not spiral out of control.

2. Restoring The Natural Purpose Of Life

The second solution to restore equality and human rights is restore the true purpose of life.

Our purpose of life is not to divorce ourselves from the natural cycle of Mother Nature but to be part of it, just as all other beings are. Mother Nature create all beings to evolve naturally, without possessions.

Since the start of civilizations, we have created a man-made purpose of life, technology driven, starved of energy to feed the mechanical systems we create. Money is worshipped. Cigarettes kill yet governments allow these companies to exist! Drilling in the ocean invades the home of ocean creatures, and hurts them. Yet it is encouraged because of the greed for money. Therein is the hypocrisy.

It is not enough to teach girls to read and write and get a job when that job is really serving the man-made purpose of life and contributing to the destruction of humanity and beings created by Mother Nature. We must break the vicious cycle. We need female leaders who can be visionaries and effect a long term plan to restore nature. Success in life is NOT having a fancy title, gathering wealth, owning fast cars and enjoying pleasures. Material possession is a sure sign of failure, if the rest of the world is suffering.

We have created billionaires who can spend $300 million to buy a painting! Millions of dollars are spent on luxury items, airplanes and yachts. They donate only because they do not miss the money they give away.

Yet the rest of the world worships these people because they have money and titles. People blindly work for the mission of the wealthy, and fan the fire of inequality and lack of human rights.

We need for all those who make more money than they can use to eat enough to survive, and live comfortably, to hand over the monies to support those in need. This is true test for the wealthy whom have created inequality around the world. Can the millionnaires be content with the minimum of food, water and lodgings if it means that millions of others can have the same minimum of food, water and lodgings? This is test of humanity.

3. Educate Children To Be Compassionate & Natural.

Finally, the third solution is to educate children about their place in nature, Planet Earth, our galaxy and our great cosmos. Once children discover their true purpose of life, they will make the good right decisions that are filled with compassion for all beings, humans, animals, plants, be it in the air, on land, inside Earth or in the oceans. We will get rid of the addiction to sex, violence, drugs, alcohol, abuse, power, greed, money, titles, and material possessions.


Let us work together to restore human rights and equality for all, get rid of gender based violence, sexual abuse and atrocities around the world, for we can, one person at a time.

It firstly starts within you.

If we can work for Mother Nature instead for the false purpose of life, then we truly make a difference long term.

Success in life is when your thoughts, words and actions create an equal natural society filled with compassion and inner peace.

Please join my free inspirational talks around the globe and online and let me know how I can help you.

I am here to serve you because you are Mother Earth.

Lots of love,

Always, Dr. Vie (V)


Planet Earth

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Yvette Warren
May 19, 2015
May 19, 2015

You certainly have a wonderful vision, Dr. Vie.

I believe I've shared that the theme of the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions is "Reclaiming the Heart of Humanity." 

I hope to see you there. 


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