Women Can End Men's Violence Against Women and Children Q&A #MeToo

Doctor Vie
Posted November 10, 2017 from South Africa
Inner Peace To World Peace: Women To The Rescue
How women can restore peace on Earth by igniting their inner peace.

For centuries and over thousands of years billions of women have been suffering in silence....made to feel worthless, devalued and objectified.

Even today, in an age of technological advances, female empowerment, emancipation of women, more women with degrees, more women in the work force, and more women in leadership roles, most females continue to live less than optimal lives, most often than not, suppressing their full life potential.

Withalmost half of the human population unable to live fully realized lives, is it any surprise that our world is rampant with violence, attacks, wars, poverty, abuse, trafficking, alcohol and drug abuse, corruption, pollution, toxic foods and water, ravaging of planetary resources and over population?

Most of us desire peace.

We want to live stress-free lives, with enough food and water to nourish us each day, without having to engage in atrocious acts against each other and our Mother Earth, and without having to compete against each other.

We want to feel safe and protected.

Yet it seems as if even though we want inner peace, we continue to engage in thoughts, words and actions in opposition to what we truly want: a peaceful, safe, and loving world.

Could it be that the jobs and daily actions we continue in are in fact only worsening the future, by programming us to feel more separate from anyone who is outside our goals, and our circle of family and friends?


From +25 years of living on my own, living a nomadic life, as a single Indian female in 6 countries and over 20 cities, interacting with multicultural people, and witnessing the plight of our fellow Beings and vital life forms on our Planet Earth, I know this for sure:unless women on our Planet:

  • look deep within themselves and
  • realize that the only hope for a better world, and I truly mean better world (one that is peaceful and safe) is within the minds of women, and
  • women can nurture the best of themselves, without trying to fit into a man's world..and be like a man....and go down the horrific path that men have taken civilization down...

we can never ever hope to live peacefully.


We must treat all humans as equal to us, one of us...whatever their gender, color, language, or roots...because our very nature was created for a reason...because each of us is a vital part of a whole.

If we separate ourselves from others even for a minute...we continue the vicious cycle of self destruction of humanity...

  • With artificial intelligence taking over human's natural innate intelligence...
  • With artificial products polluting the air, water and lands.....
  • With dependence on artificial products to make us feel good....

We need to be human again...because as humans, we already have everything that we possible need deeply coded within us to survive and evolve to even better levels of existence...

What does all of this have to do with women ending men's violence against women and children? Everything.

Because men have from the start of civilization fought against the very beauty and power of Mother Nature, they have overstimulated their destructive force (a natural occurrence within every human).

It is this very excessive destructive force that has separated today's violent manfrom the women and children that he can so easily abuse and violate, be it physically, mentally or emotionally.



It is up to the over 3.5 billion women to come to the rescue...to tap into their visionary and nurturing powers that are aligned with Mother Nature....and restore balance to energies within each of us today.

Please do join my weekly free live online lives streams...interact, share, ask questions, learn, discover and be part of the solution.

Lots of love



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Hina Bhagat
Nov 11, 2017
Nov 11, 2017

Hello there,

Thanks for sharing it with us :)

I appreciate your work

Jill Langhus
Nov 11, 2017
Nov 11, 2017

Hi Dr. Vie. Your series definitely sounds interesting and resonates with me. I'm a Libra and an empath so I'm all about peace and bringing more love, light and balance to the planet. Thanks for sharing your stream event link. I have shared it on my FB and Twitter pages. You may also want to submit this story for the WP story awards for #metoo, FYI:https://www.worldpulse.com/en/voices-rising/story-awards/80722