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About Me

I am a 58 year old woman, and have fulfilled many roles in my life - I am and have been a wife, mother, grand-mother, sister, daughter, aunt and friend. I have also had many careers outside of my home that have earned me some money and recognition, but more importantly, through all I have done, I have learned about myself, people and the way of our world.

As a citizen of the United States and a "baby-boomer" born in 1953, I lived through the turbulent 1960's, participating in age-appropriate discussions and events to support the civil rights and feminist movements of our age. I am still very much a passionate supporter of equal rights and freedom for all... no matter what the identity or circumstances of our birth may be.

I am on a transformative path, having been "awakened" out of my programmed mind-slumber a number of years ago. I have been guided to form a non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization that supports humanity in seeing and hearing the TRUTH about who we truly are.

Every person - every life - is worthy and deserving of love. We are all part of creation and connected to each other and the Universal One, the Great Spirit, the Creator, the Divine Higher Source of Life. No matter what the label or name we give it, there is a power beyond our current understanding that exists in our Universe - in the MultiVerse of dimensions, time and space. This power and all beings and life connected to it, seeks to help us become that which we are meant to be. We are here to fulfill our promise, to learn and work to our highest potential selves, and to become the Human BEings we were created to be.

I believe this passionately: No matter who, No matter where, No matter what the circumstances of our birth, we are ALL all entitled to this fundamental right of free will - free choice - and equality with all other humans. We are meant to be 100% free to utilize those gifts and to respect them for all others, letting go of prejudice and hate for those who do not think, believe, look or act as we do.

I also believe that we are all the same underneath our outward differences in appearance and our beliefs that arise from our cultures and traditions. We are One Human Family that has become dysfunctional due to misunderstandings about who we are and who we are meant to be. Do we not all bleed the same, do we not all grieve over our losses and the cruelty we see in our world? Do we not seek joy, fulfillment of purpose, and a healthy, safe planet that can provide a bright future for our children and all future generations to come?

We all know there is a better way for us to live - women especially feel this intensely. We know deeply the sorrow and have the vision and strength that allows us to rise above it to create a better life for ourselves and our loved ones.

But we can not do it alone. Let us join together here, in this forum, to help each other unite in the common understanding that we are all one - members of the human race, and as such we are all entitled to Dignity, Freedom, Equal Opportunity and Love. People, Nature, Knowledge, Love and Wisdom Seeing my Self - my Higher Self - as 100% Worthy and Whole Education, Psychology, Philanthropy, Spiritual-Personal & Financial Well Being

My Vision

An Earth United in our Shared Human Spirit - celebrating our creative diversity and united in Common Purpose for the Up-Liftment of Humanity and Regeneration of a Healthy Planet