Life Changing Story From Unwell Single Mother To Well Healthy Advocate For Natural Nutrition

Posted April 13, 2017
Life Changes Be That Rainbow In Some One Elses Cloud
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Hi Everyone

I would like to introduce myself my name is Denyse Jones I live in London United KIngdom and I wanted to share my story.So where do I start, ok let's start by stating I unfortunately decided to end my marriage when I found out my then husband had been having an affair for two years behind my back with a family friend, the betrayal in it self hada terribleimpact on myself and my two sons and my close family members. I then declined in to depression but had to stay strong for my two sons. I left a very successful job due to this in the city of London and could not continue, I almost lost my home as my then husband was not prepared to support me and my two sons but through having a great family I was able to just about keep my home, which I still live in now...I managed over time to gather information and relevant documents which I put together and represented myself in court whereas my then husband had a Lawyer,Clerk,and Assistant to hand during the proceedings. The long and short of it I was asked if I had representation and I stated to the Judge I did not. thankfully I maintained my dignity and my thoughts were completly absorbed in making sure I had all relevant information to hand had researched family law and also the interest of my two childrenas they were at the time, and what would be involved. Subsequently towards the end of the hearing I was awarded my house and also a private pension and the car that was owned jointly by my then husband and I. My husband then wanted myself and children to be removed from the family home and placed some where alien to them and myself, and would completely deny them of their then current school friends and close family. The Judge took it upon himself to review the information I had and my then husband and concluded the majority of that hearing went in my favour. Ok I was commended how I handled the hearing acting on my own behalf and was asked subsequently by his lawyer had I ever considered working in the legal profession which I found quite amusing at the time, I have since subsequently helped other women who have had to face the daunting task of finding out what they need to do as most of us do not have a clue when being faced by one of the most stressful things in life which is divorce. That is one part of my life I am happy to say has made me stronger and the bond with my two children is much stronger due to facing adversity and we have a great bond with one and other.

Ok so let's now move forward a few years now to the last couple of years I unfortunately got very ill and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and the onset of Peri-Menopause, I truly felt I was going mad and had no energy ached constantly all over and could not get out of bed, this went on up until the last few months. I got introduced through a friend a Natural Non GMO product that is Seed Sourced Nutrition, a food not a drug,this particular raw food had the power of 281 x more powerful then a Anti-Inflammatory drug as in Asprin, which can and does give you awful side affects whereas this raw food gave you none being completely Natural. I was given HRT and other drugs to support my other condition but this in fact made me much worse. I started taking the raw food product only in the last two weeks and it has been Life Changing, I cannot tell you I am confident, no more foggy head no more daily headaches aches and pains and also depression, and also I am actually very very happy and joyful as well. I plan to help as many women as possible with this awful condition that drags you down and at one point I did actually contemplate suicide, but hey that was a mere thought but I did reach that very dark place at one stage.I can say now I have fully recovered and I am now helping other women how they can make these simple changes and show them I am now a Rainbow in some one elses Cloud, and their Cloud will go away and that Rainbow will return very very soon. So please get in touch and let me show you how I was able to turn my life around and support you on your journey and show you just how good life is now and how it can also be the same for you. I have demonstrated this Super Unique Nutrient which is Seed Sourced Nutrition. I am an advocate due to my results and also now helpmany others I have been able to help & support, and they have been able to do the same. I now know working along side doctors in this field that the reason behind all illness is all based around inflammation in the body, all illness is based around inflammation in the body to start with and by assisting with the recovery of inflammation we are then able to heal the body overall. I am happy to show you testimonials and other peoples stories I have now been in contact with. I would like to share these with you. ifyourself or friends and family would like to know more please do get in touch with me I would be very happy to asist you and get you back on the road to full recovery and for you to also be that Rainbow in some one elses cloud.

I will leave you my contact details to reach me and it would be an absolute pleasure.

I wish you all Health above all & Happiness

Take care kindest regards

Denyse Jones

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Jill Langhus
Apr 14, 2017
Apr 14, 2017

Hi Denyse. Welcome to World Pulse:) Thanks for sharing your story. I'm really impressed that you represented yourself in court! Also, good to hear that you have found some relief for your fibro and perimenopause. You may want to have people private message you, however, since this is a public forum. Just an FYI.

Nov 29, 2017
Nov 29, 2017

Dear Denyse,

Welcome to World Pulse and at the same time thank you so much for sharing your story. It's a privilege to stand strong after life's hardships! Keep moving forward.....

Grace & Peace,