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About Me

I am Domina a lady from Tanzania. I graduated my first degree on Bsc. in Geology at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In my class, we were two ladies out of 26 gents. This was a big challenge. In my home place, girls were not encouraged to go to school. I thank my mother who made a big effort to make sure I have the basic academics. However, those few girls who managed to rich school were encouraged to study arts subjects with the implication that only men can study science.

After my graduation I was employed as a geologist performing underground water exploration (prospecting and Drilling). The big challenge I faced was to work with a team of men while I was the only lady to that field. In 2007 I was awarded as the best worker of the year. In 2008 I graduated my MBA which made me to be promoted to managerial functions as a Business support Manager. Currently I am working as the CEO of a government Agency with a team of Men in the management. I am Proud being a Woman!

My Vision

To encourage young ladies that, it is possible to leave in your dream. just work hard and fight for success.


Team working and empowering for Leadership is the key to my success


Working in the field of men dominant, it has been an advantage for my campaign of encouraging young ladies that every thing is possible!