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Waste Sorting Campaign in fighting Climate Change.

Dorothy Nabakooza
Posted June 24, 2017 from Uganda
Expired on July 24, 2017
Garbage dumping area in Namasuba community
pic credit by Dorothy
Community engagement, Local Authoritoes, Media, CSO and Governement to boost this campaign in fighting climate change. We start Now not Later!

I started an awareness and educational program where we move from home to home creating climate change awareness and sensitizing people to compost their kitchen scraps, to keep stuff out of landfills and to separate paper, plastic, metal and glass. It is a clean method for waste disposal that encourages sorting the organic from inorganic waste but I need technical capacity to make clean energy solutions.

Get Involved

Anyone and everyone is welcome to get involved. you can follow my works on social media, like and share them or send me a private message for more details. If you have passion for creating change through waste, please join me.

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