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About Me

I am a single mom of 2 (who are now young adults) and I understand the struggle of single parenting. As such, My passion is sharing with and showing love to women and children.
I recently went on a mission Ms trip to Malawi Africa and that was one of the most rewarding and heart-wrenching experiences I’ve ever had. I loved every one of those children and mothers who I came in contact with but I also wish I could have provided all of them with everything they needed.

My Vision

My vision is to see all women/girls around the globe with healthy hygiene products so they can function during their menstrual cycle.


I need help sharing our “Now We No” Awareness Campaign.
We need to reach leaders in all countries, including the US.


I can support the work of others through support and sharing. If possible, I would also love to help him financially when I am able to.


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