Intent vs Impact: Wearing a mask vs not wearing a mask

Posted August 29, 2020 from United States
A smart 2-year-old
Hannah and her daughter Ivy, the smart, "adult" 2-year-old

Intent vs Impact What is intent vs impact? Let us first define these terms… Intent is defined as purpose.  Impact is defined as having a strong effect on someone or something; come into a forcible contact with another. Now, let's use a current issue of intent vs impact concerning the spread or containment of COVID-19: Wearing a mask verses not wearing a mask because of your civil liberty. If your intent for not wearing a mask is because it infringes on your civil liberty, then what is your impact on other people's lives. This is not a matter of liberty, this is a matter concerning life or death. IF  you did not know if COVID-19  was real or not, would you not act as if it were real.? Why has wearing a mask become political choice, because it is not? If because you chose to not wear a mask, and a favorite member of your family or friends had to be the “sacrificial lamb,” who was to die from COVID, who would that be? Who would get to bear that pain alone, suffer by themseelf, with NO loved one by their side? Which child or grandchild, which parent or grandparent, or which friend would you NOT want to die because of your selfishness? Oh, and remember you don’t get to chose who you lose, COVID  does! When you choose not to wear a mask & not socially distance,  then you should NOT be allowed to receive medical treatment. Do you  ignore the risk you are putting our  Doctors, nurses, & other healthcare workers in? Today in the U.S. more than 1,000 people per day are dyeing from COVID-19.  For those 2,000 people who attended the RNC, and were in blatant disregard for the guidelines put forth to ALL of us, and by not wearing masks & not socially distancing, SHAME ON YOU! For our incumbent President, who leads by such a dangerous incompetence, STOP YOUR IRREPEHENSIBLE BEHAVIOR!  Why should all of you not be the 2,000 people to die in the next  two-day  death toll… would your ignorance then be worth it?  If a 2-year-old is smart enough to wear a mask, I would hope Donald J Trump could learn from the “adult" 2-year-old! Where have our compassion & empathy, love & respect, and value of human lives gone? How did we become so divided? Who have we become as a society, void of truth & reason?  When will we change to become better as human beings and listen to our hearts? Have the united “We” become the divided “Me”? My30-year old niece shared with me … “I was asked by someone the other day, why I was wearing a mask. And, I said to him, that it may be inconvenient for me, but if it saves lives, why wouldn’t I wear a mask?” She could have not said it better…Thank you Teke, love you so, so much! Everyone, please take care, stay safe, be well, and  remember to wear a mask! With Love To All… Donna 

This story was submitted in response to Dispatches from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Nini Mappo
Aug 30
Aug 30

Hello Donna,
Intent vs impact, yes yes! Failure to consider impact has landed Melbourne into a terrible situation, and a whole state has had to go on lock down and an extensive state of emergency because to families flouted quarantine rules in disregard to impact, leading to the worst infection rates in Australia since covid came knocking.

It is unfortunate that not everyone has the same degree of wisdom or reverence for life, or at least for rules to consider what their impact might be as regards Covid.

Indeed, let our impact be life giving!
Thank you for your insights:)

Aug 30
Aug 30

Hi Donna,
I agree with you that we should rather be safe, than sorry. The mortality figures are almost unbelievable. Truly sad. I keep wondering how we found ourselves where we currently are. My solace is in He who holds the universe in His palms. Thank you for reminding us about the issues at stake. I hope we would be especially mindful when kids wear those masks though.:)

E. J.

Hello, Donna,

It's so lovely to see your daughter Hannah and granddaughter Ivy wearing masks. Your post about intent versus impact reminds me of a quote from our university, "Your freedom ends when my freedom begins".

Personally, wearing masks is caring. Coronavirus is an invisible enemy that took more than 850,000 lives worldwide. Face masks are our weapon, and a sign of solidarity for health work frontliners that tells them, " We see your effort and energy to put an end to this. We stand with you. We don't want to put another burden on you."

Teke nailed it! You have a sweet and caring family! Please stay safe, dear.

Aug 31
Aug 31

Dear E.J.
Thank you for your understanding. I too believe that the Universe is in His hands. I also know that He gave us free will, which too many people have misused this as power. These people view themselves as a dangerous to many societies. Thank you, thank you Dear Sister.
With much love,

Aug 31
Aug 31

Dear Karen,
Yes, I am shocked & astounded that too many people view having to wear a mask as an infringement of their civil liberty, instead of seeing it as a matter of safety & love for one another's health or even life. I love the quote you stated, as we need to consider the impact our actions or inaction have on one another, like smoking or polluting our earth.
I wish Hannah were my daughter! I have no children. Hannah is my boyfriend's (Nick) daughter & Ivy is his first and only grandchild. Hannah is Nick's, youngest adult child, and is his only daughter. They have always had a close bond &'s so beautiful to see. Though I love my father & he loves me, I did not have a close relationship with him, while he was living.
Anyway, my dear sister, take care, stay safe, & be well.
With love to you,

That's interesting to know, Donna. Although it's sad at the same time considering that US now tops the most number of coronavirus cases. No one is immune with the coronavirus. Yes, that's true about the environment, too.

Oh, I see. Wow, what a lovely family. Thanks for sharing, dear. Nick sounds like a fine man. It's admirable that he's close with his daughter. I can imagine he must love his granddaughter so much, too! May there be more men like him.

Please stay safe and well, too, dear. Hugs to your caring family!

Thelma obani 2020
Sep 04
Sep 04

Thanks for sharing this