Posted June 2, 2021 from Rwanda


I'm Dorcas UMUTONIWASE from Rwanda, I'm new here and I would love to tell you all that As women we need to be confident in each and every thing we , and we have to be women of values ♥️



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Nini Mappo
Jun 02
Jun 02

Welcome to the sisterhood, Dorcas:) Yes, confidence all the way sis, and deep seated values that fuel that confidence or that keep us on track when the world tries to pull us down or get us to sell out or give up. I love your simple but powerful message, and you look so happy and confident in your pic!
Looking forward to meeting you a bit 'more' through your future posts.
With Hugs and sparkles,

Jill Langhus
Jun 02
Jun 02

Hi Dorcas,

Welcome to World Pulse! Hear, hear:-) Yes, too true. How does this play out for you on a daily basis, i.e., why is this important to you? Looking forward to seeing more posts from you and learning more about what you're passionate about and what your goals are.

Susu Mohamed
Jun 02
Jun 02

Dear Dorcas,
Welcome to world pulse, We want to hear from you ,and looking forward to reading more from you.
Best Regards,

Jun 02
Jun 02

Welcome Dorcas!
Nice to have you with us on Worldpulse.

Corine Milano
Jun 03
Jun 03

Welcome to World Pulse Dorcas! We are so glad you have joined us - you've come to the right place to find confident women who are leading change! It's great to see another voice from Rwanda rising up. Welcome!