Fulfilling My Dreams Through Technology

dr edonna
Posted December 22, 2015 from Uganda
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It has been years since I have posted, I am not happy to say. I missed the sharing and caring SiStars, I have met around the world. I even got to me a few in person years back. I was excited to be one of the first selected for this much needed project.

Since, my last post I have accomplished much thanks to technology. I am learning more and more daily.

  • I have authored and published several books
  • Started an online school
  • Moved back to America
  • Wrote and produced an album and music video
  • Lost several colleagues I worked with at one of the Universities I worked at in Uganda
  • Upgraded my technology skills tremendously
  • Started several businesses
  • Received another degree as a Wholistic Health Practitioner
  • Started a line of herbal and natural products
  • Created my own mobile app through my graphics and marketing business

I finally found my voice thanks to World Pulse. I finally began publishing some of my writings. Utilizing technology assisted me in achieving many of my goals, which have been sitting on the shelf collecting dust, and begging to be actualized. It took a lot of doors being slammed in my face in the employment area, but that was just what I needed to begin fulfilling my goal of being self-employed before the age of 50. I only have two more months to go!

It amazes me how much discrimination one can undergo in a life time. As many of you probably know if you have ever read my post, in Uganda, I dealt with a lot of gender discrimination. After arriving back in America, I under went, "over qualification discrimination". I did get frustrated, after sending out over 100 applications for a job only to end up unemployed. I did get angry, disappointed, depressed and I experienced grief. Finally, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, and began designing a plan of action for my own business.

It happened for me when I began to take my culture as an African to another level. I remembered, most people in the world work for themselves and begin that process with whatever they have in their pockets. It doesn't take thousands of dollars, but only a few dollars, a lot of creativity, passion, drive and self-determination. My break through began when I allowed my passion to be larger than my pocket.

In fact, the first thing I did in my process was go to the internet to conduct research (technology). Next, I went into product creation mode with the development of natural medicinal products. My final step was to utilize my printer (technology) to print off my self-created labels. It wasn't long before I began locating places to sell my products, thanks to technology.

I am a living example of being able to start a business on less than a shoe string budget. Thanks World Pulse for helping me to find my voice in the mist of discrimination and inequalities. I hope my story inspires other aspiring entrepreneurs to get started fulfilling their dreams by following their passion and ignoring their pockets.

By the way my book is an anti-bully children's story based on my story of being bullied for being dark-skinned, smart, and skinny. The appendix of the book teaches the sport of double-dutch jump rope, To find out more about the book visit, http://www.giftedandblack.info. For the online wellness school visit http://www.afrocentricschoolofhealing.us. To learn about my graphic design business visit http://www.wowbusinessmedia.com

Thanks for inviting me to be a part of this group, and thanks World Pulse for helping me to find my voice. It is now proud and strong, because I stand on the shoulders of many courageous women!

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Dec 25, 2015
Dec 25, 2015

Dear Sister, 

WOW, I am amazed by how much you have achieved through technology, your various skills and talents found their way to shine and be fulfilled. I believe that embracing who you are and where you come from is a source for energy and empowerment. Thank you for posting links for your works, I am sure many WP members will be intrested in checking them out, I know I will.

Welcome to our group dear sister, 

dr edonna
Dec 27, 2015
Dec 27, 2015

Thank you. I am always seeking to heal, reveal and destory falsehood, so I can get to my divahood.  Please visit http://appcat.com/wowbusinessmedia for the different technology services I offer.  My next move is to offer employment to  women salespersons, so they can earn a living working with technology.  

Jan 07, 2016
Jan 07, 2016

Dear Dr Edonna, Thank you for your jounal. You did so many things. I think you are an active person. I want to be like you. Good luck from now on.

Thank you.

Jan 10, 2016
Jan 10, 2016

Hi Dr. Edonna, 

Thank you for sharing your story it is very inspiring.  Taking your experience and passion and pouring it into creativity and business is beautiful.  



Jan 13, 2016
Jan 13, 2016

Welcome to Technology and Innovation group Dr Edonna.

Shahd Majeed
Jan 23, 2016
Jan 23, 2016

OH MY...i am so amazed and inspired. This is so empowering Edonna! i am so proud of you. the hardship you have been through made you stronger and this is how we want all women to be. Yes, there will be times we will be discouraged, there will be days you will feel hopeless, and some nights you will lose sleep, but it is all okay when you wake up the next day feeling like a survivor and draw a plan for your life. We look up at you and the fact that you are so positive made all the negative energy disappear. thank you so much for sharing your story, we love you and support you