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About Me

I am a young woman who is passionate about reaching out to others to be the help they need when they need it the most! I am determined to improve the healthcare conditions of young people in Cameroon/Africa. Currently I am the Founder and CEO of a youth led organization called Youth 2 Youth. With a group of 20 volunteers we are advocating for the healthcare rights of young people especially teenagers with special focus on
- Sexual reproductive health rights
-HIV prevention
-Prevention on non-communicable diseases
- Fight against cultural practices that violate the healthcare rights of young people like child/force marriages, FGM
- Health related research.
I also practice as a GP in hospital within a semi urban town called Bamenda in Cameroon

My Vision

I dream of creating safe spaces for the youth especially the girls by initiating disruptive narratives that will turn the tables 4 the youth


Exposure to build my leadership skills
Funding opportunities to reach more young people
Partnership for mentorship


I have experience in working with young people especially those in a humanitarian crisis setting
I am also good at motivating others


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