Women status in islam

Dr. Rubab
Posted April 16, 2021 from Pakistan

In islam many molvi and muftis created ahadis against women values and degrade women badly. The women's here in pakistan are just like a servents. They cook they wash they gave birth they take care of children and even her husbands parents. And no value at all. Although islam didn't say this. I am going to write a book on women's rights and expose all those who created false ahadees regarding women duties towards her husband 

This story was submitted in response to #ShoutYourVision.

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Jill Langhus
Apr 16
Apr 16

Hi Dr. Rubab,

Welcome to World Pulse! Sounds wonderful. Tell us more about it, and when you plan to publish it. I'm sure there are a lot of women on here, especially in your country, that could help you with their stories, at the very least. Good luck. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it.

хүндэт Рубаб минь чиний бичснийг уншлаа. Манай монголд бас эмэгтэйчүүд үр хүүхдээ асарч, нөхөртөө анхаарал хандуулж нөхрийнхөө бас өөрийнхөө эцэг эх ах дүүстэй холбоотой байж чадлаараа санаа тавьдаг, тэд ч бас эргээд санаа тавьдаг. Гэхдээ бидний уламжлал дэг жаяг хатуу биш, заавал биш ер нь бол тийм байх уламжлалтай. Хажуугаар нь сурч боловсрох, ажил хийх, бусад эрхүүд чөлөөтэй. Би дэлхийн бүх эмэгтэйчуудийг охидыг ХӨВГҮҮДИЙН АДИЛ СУРГУУЛЬД СУРААСАЙ гэж хүсдэг. Та бүхэнд сайн сайхныг хүсье

Nini Mappo
Apr 17
Apr 17

Dear Dr. Rubab,
Welcome to World Pulse. I can feel the fire and passion to see the women bound by Islam and other cultural expectations freed to be themselves and be able to choose their lives for themselves. It is this kind of passion that shakes the culture and births change, and even as you write your book you could even start advocacy talks in your community and set the change in motion. All the best. We look forward to hearing more about this journey in your future World Pulse stories.

Apr 20
Apr 20

Dr, Rubab,
I can hear and feel your frustration and passion for this subject. An age old story that unfortunately made it's way into our present and will be the future for so many for years to come. The book will expose the facts. Because without awareness there can be no solutions. When you write the book please put it out there on full blast!

Shofali Agarwal
Apr 21
Apr 21

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. A book on this topic would be enlightening to many and helpful to spread the word about the true meaning of Islam. I look forward to hearing more about your book!