Emotional torture after marriage in pakistan

Dr. Rubab
Posted April 16, 2021 from Pakistan

This is the story of my beloved friend. Who did masters in biochemistry and mphill also.a well qualified women of age 25.she married to a men by the will of their parents. After marriage that men didnt allow her to continue study nor any kind of job. Then he start abusing her on small matters.she was so nice and have beautiful calm personality. So she decided to go their parents home. Then that men send her a divorce letter in anger.she was pregnant at that time.and the day he divorced him, she miscarry. After 3 months of this incident she apply for a job and start her own business. Now she has her own school and she is our district food inspector. And now our whole area knows her.she is the inspiration for all those women who are victims of their stupid husband's 

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Nini Mappo
Apr 17
Apr 17

Dear Dr. Rubab,
Oh how sad for this woman, and for so many more women who suffer the same fate:/ I am glad that she escaped her abuser. That at least he had the decency to divorce her instead of demanding he owned her and for her to go back to him. How wonderful that she got her life back and can inspire other women in her community.

Busayo Obisakin
Apr 17
Apr 17

Dear Dr Rubab
Thanks for sharing this story with us. The beginning of the story so sad but the end is much much better. That man is a bad rubbish, your friend should move on and continue to thrive as blessing to herself and her community.

Shofali Agarwal
Apr 21
Apr 21

Thank you for sharing your friend's story. She is an inspiration to so many who unfortunately share similar stories around the world. A good education can truly change lives.