Dr Shiza Habib
Posted July 19, 2020 from Pakistan

Life is simple but we insist on making it complicated. 



Lavish Dinners

Generous guest list

Dresses& what not.

When did the wedding become  such a headache.It is supposed to be a bond between two families,who get together,merely celebrate together and get done with it.Why is it that all the formalities have became so important to society that weddings have become an issue for parents of both girls and boys.

Now that everyone is witnessing simple marriage due to COVID-19.I hope this trend continues.

Zinda abadi...


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Jul 19
Jul 19

You are so right .
Thank you for sharing.

Jill Langhus
Jul 20
Jul 20

Hi Dr. Shiza,

How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, weddings don't always seem to be the celebratory affair that they should be. You're quite right. Are you planning a wedding or know of someone that's getting married, or you're just commenting in general?

I hope you and your family are safe and well.

Paulina Nayra
Jul 21
Jul 21

You nailed it Dr Shiza!
COVID showed us that things can be simple and still produce the same result. We found out that the luxuries and pageantry that comes with weddings were just distractions from the real essence of the ceremony which is two unite two people who are in love. Period.
i join you in wishing that simple things will prevail even after COVID 19.

Huggs and take care.

Jul 21
Jul 21

Waoh Shiza, i read my mind. this is actually my thought seriously. the society has derailed by complicating every ceremony be it wedding, naming or funeral. i hope this covid ceremonies will change humanity to be humane once again.

Hello, Dr. Shiza,

A short yet powerful post! I agree with you. COVID-19 showed us weddings can be done in a simple way.

I had a simple wedding, but I wish it could be more simple like how weddings are done during this pandemic. Saves a lot of money.

I hope this economical kind of wedding continues.

Jul 24
Jul 24

Thank you for sharing. Marriage is a commitment and bondage of two persons, not two families. Marriage is God's blessing. Regardless the wedding is formal or simple, it is already great given that the couple is happy.

Jul 24
Jul 24

Agree. Got some planned wedding activities to be involved? Thank you for sharing!

Catherine De Freitas

Hi Dr. Shiza well said. Simplicity, I have always believed is the essence of life. Do have a nice day. :)

Veronica Ngum Ndi
Aug 05
Aug 05

Dear Shiza
As a christian,my Bible tells me that God created us simple and without complication,we have chose to complicate ourselves.This is to let us know that things get complicated due to our human nature.Thanks for sharing.I appreciate your write-up
In Sisterhood
Veronica Ngum

Laetitia Shindano
Sep 26
Sep 26

Chère sœur,
Merci de partager ton histoire. Oui ,même dans ma communauté, les mariages dont devenus un casse tête pour les 2 familles .Le Covid-19 nous prouve à suffisance qu'on peut s'en passer de beaucoup de choses et tout ira bien.
J'espère que ta réflexion fera le bonheur de ceux qui faute de moyens , peuvent aussi se marier un jour.
A bientôt