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About Me

I am a Natural and Holistic Healthcare Consultant; as well as a Counselor: Interpersonal Relationships, Behavioural & Attitudinal Challenges and Life's Evolving Situations

I am also desirous to help build a Peaceful World where the People live and enjoy Healthier, Happier, Safer and more Cooperative Lives with one another in the true spirit of Love, Affection and Compassion. It is this desire and the need to contribute unique and uncommon knowledge and information to help Save Humanity that inspired the formation of Malaria Eradication Network in 2001 - a positively-focused, non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) that is dedicated to providing the Ultimate Solution for the malaria pandemic and allied diseases globally.

My greatest concern is that Women and Children bear the largest burden of these easily preventable diseases. The vital roles they play in the SURVIVAL and HAPPINESS of Humanity underscores the NEED for them to be assisted and HELPED to KNOW how to Prevent, Treat, Cure and Eradicate these diseases through Safe, Healthy, Effective and Simple Natural Healthcare methods. The KEY is in having the Right Information and Knowing WHEN and HOW to USE it for the Best Results.

My Motivation for the philanthropic work that I do can be summarized in the following words of Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama. He says:

"The more we CARE for the HAPPINESS of Others,
The Greater our Own sense of Well-being becomes. . .
The need for LOVE lies at the very Foundation of Human Existence.
It results from the profound Interdependence we all SHARE with one another. . .
It is because our own Human Existence is so Dependent on the HELP of Others
That our need for LOVE lies at the very Foundation of our Existence. Therefore we need
A Genuine Sense of Responsibility and a Sincere Concern for the Welfare of Others.”
I am very passionate about PROVIDING ENDURING SOLUTIONS for Issues that are of Critical Social Importance to Humanity. e.g.: Ignorance, Poverty, Hunger, Relationships, Malaria Pandemic; etc.; so that people can live Healthier, Happier & Prosperous Lives. Getting World Leaders to recognize and take POSITIVE ACTION to address the Inequities that have plagued the World for so long. Not getting large enough support to realize these our Noble Goals and Objectives. Counselling, Natural and Holistic Healthcare. Founder and President: Malaria Eradication Network & Save Humanity Project Center. Author; Lecturing and Global Interactions.

My Vision

A Peaceful, Healthier, Happier and Safer World; where we all live more Cooperative Lives with one another in the true spirit of Love, Affection and Compassion.