Love! . . . Love! . . . Love! . . . This Is Your Life! . . . You Are Love!

Posted February 13, 2014 from Nigeria

“Love is the Most Powerful and still the Most Unknown Energy of the World.” - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Greetings and a Happy Valentine Weekend to every one of you!

At this time of the year, the excitement and euphoria that greet the Valentine Day and the days around it, is ecstatic for those who see “Love” only from the “physical enjoyment, pleasure and genial feeling” point of view. It seems the “Love Bug” bites deep into their veins, psyching and propelling them to act and behave in a certain way that reflects their beliefs on what they consider to be ”LOVE” during this period.

A question arises: Must there be a particular time, one very short 24-hour day for expressing your love or love feelings towards other human beings? Can that fully compensate for what Love really is?

This is therefore a very good time to discuss the Most Powerful yet mostly misunderstood and misrepresented Force in the World today.

Yes, I am talking about L – O – V – E . . . Love!

People love to talk about "Love" for very different reasons. When you mention the word “Love” it immediately strikes a chord in everyone who hears it and sets a chain reaction in the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical component of the person in relation to what he or she believes in, thinks or has been told love is.

Therefore, everyone sees love from different perspectives. In that case, the idea of “love” or “being in love” would seem to be relative and be dependent on what your beliefs are, your parental or guardian upbringing, your thoughts, what you have been told from childhood to be the “ideal” thing, what you have read from fictional romantic fantasy novels and magazines, exaggerated stories, rumours and gossips, traditional societal expectations and several other permutations that are reflections of the ingenious ever-active human mind.

Some of these notions may be correct or near the truth, while a vast majority of the others may be quite misleading, borne out of ignorance and ego trips. But as always, ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. If you believe in things you don’t understand, you are then bound to suffer the consequences of your actions. It is the reason such victims claim that “love is unfair” to them or that they are “not lucky in love”.

Can this be true? Can Love in its Magnificence be unfair to anyone? And do you need “luck” to find “love”?

If you can just only remember that Love is not a commodity that you can give to or receive from another human being; “neither is it something that you can create or extinguish”, then you will realize that ignorance of the true meaning of what love is, is responsible for the unnecessary mental, emotional and physical sufferings and agonies that people subject themselves to in the name of "love". These wrong beliefs and actions are self-imposed, self-destruct programs that are running in the Human Mind Computer.

The good news is that you can change these wrong or defective “programs” to more beneficial ones whenever you want or desire if you want to improve your life. What we want is the BEST. What we desire most is to be HAPPY!

Let us now look very deeply into what LOVE really means

Take a brief moment now . . . relax . . . breathe in deeply . . . and breathe out . . . Relax!

Note: This fifteen seconds exercise is very important for your overall health and the production of “healthy love juices” as you will discover later. So please take the time to do it as it is in your own interest. It is my Valentine Day Gift to you. Smile!

Now ask yourself: What do you think about the word "LOVE"?

Do you really know what it means and what it really is?

This Is Your Life - You Are Love

The TRUTH of the matter will surprise many people and could be quite shocking to those who think "Love" is a material commodity you give or receive, share, hoard, trade in or put a price on.

Those who say it is an innate feeling are right to an extent. But where does this innate feeling come from? And why is this “love feeling” such a powerful, motivating, captivating and healing force?

The reason we all have these intense love feelings is because we are in essence LOVE. That is what we are. It is love that brought us into being and despite our outward misconception and misrepresentation of this our Divine Essence, we remain what we truly are underneath – Love. Our Human Computer Hard Drive is LOVE. It is what keeps us alive.

There is no better person to answer these questions than Carnelian Sage. He says:

“Love is not just something you do. It is what you are”

Continuing he affirms that:

“Love is the attitude of benevolence, reverence and kindness for all creation, including one’s self, at all times and under all circumstances."

"Every man, woman and child has love at the core of their being. It’s every person’s inheritance. If you subscribe to the premise that you are made in the image and likeness of God, then just as God is Love, so you are. And so is every human being in the world.

. . . Love is the essence of who you are. It is something you embody as a human being. More than the flesh and bones that comprise your body, more than the blood coursing through your veins, and more than the 6,000 (six thousand) miles of neurons wired throughout your body, you are – First and Foremost – LOVE.”

What this means is that “to Love” is “to Live”. You should now understand why you feel so healthy, happy, vibrant and energetic when you are “in love” or even think you are in love. It is your true essence – that is what you are made of and that’s what you are!

A man and woman who are in love having sexual intercourse is just one way of expressing the power of the love essence that brought them together. Love is not all just about sex. It is about expressing a Godly Principle – The Creative Intelligence that is the birthright of every human being. Therefore being in love should not be tied to having sexual intercourse only neither should the coital act be made to replace or be synonymous with the “act of love”.

Yes, those who are truly in love for love’s sake can make their sexual experience a powerful medium for creating many “life miracles” like giving birth to another human being, eliminating emotional and mental stress as well as healing and improving their health on very deeper levels.

Yet, Love is more than that. Love is who YOU are – Your Soul. It is your Life and the way you live to bring out your Divine Essence. To Love Is To Live!

It surely feels good to be in love, whatever the circumstances you find yourself. It is even better if you know how to correctly interpret and apply The Law of Love. It can be a very fascinating, beautiful, healthy, happy and richly rewarding experience for yourself, your loved ones and all those around you or those whose lives you touch.

In the light of these revelations, I implore you to always reflect deeply and put vibes into what you think, do or say in expressing love to other people. When you tell someone “I Love You”, really mean it and feel it from your Heart, from your Soul, from your God Mind packed with the right positive emotions and feelings that create, enhance and sustain Love, Good Health, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Abundance and Prosperity. This is the SECRET key in making everything to be POSSIBLE!

The Love Spirit works best and at its fullest potentials in an atmosphere of Good Health Freedom, Peace, Justice and Equity for all . . . and more!

So let whatever you do on Valentine’s Day, Everyday in Everyway and from now on reflect your True Identity:

You Are The Full Expression Of God’s Love. Just As God Is Love, So You Are. You Are LOVE!

Act and demonstrate this Divine Essence in all your interactions with people from all over the world in any way you can . . . that “You Are Love”.

Remember, everything is POSSIBLE! Love is the SECRET Key.

It is the underlying operational Force behind all the Laws that people are now very interested in – The Law of Attraction, The Law of Abundance, The Law of Prosperity, The Law of Success; etc.

Ironically, while everyone is so interested in these other Laws, because of the material promises they seem or claim to offer, very few people know, remember or even apply the Most Powerful Force that makes all these other Laws possible and effective – The Law of Love!

Those who know and consistently apply this Divine Truth in their dealings with people are always very Successful in Life; whether in Love Relationships or in Creating Abundance and Wealth for Self and Humanity.

Have a Healthy, Happy and Beautiful Valentine Day . . . Now and Always!

My Warmest Regards, Love and Affection To You All.


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