Girls are the real architects of society: Dr Sujata Sanjay

sujata sanjay
Posted December 31, 2019 from India
“Give the Girl Child, wings to Fly, let her blossom and touch the Sky.”: Dr Sujata Sanjay
  • Girls are the real architects of society: Dr Sujata Sanjay
  • “Give the Girl Child, wings to Fly, let her blossom and touch the Sky.”: Dr Sujata Sanjay



Society for Health, Education & Women Empowerment Awareness (SHEWA) in collaboration with Sanjay maternity centre today celebrated International day of Girl Child. During the program 40 nursing and paramedical students participated.


The seminar was presided over by “100 Women Achievers of India” Dr. Sujata Sanjay, obstetrician and gynecologist, Jakhan Dehradun.

Dr.  Sujata, while speaking on the topic of ‘woman empowerment’, said: “Though women have made their mark in academic field, she is somehow unaware of her rights, which creates a number of problems in her journey of life”. She also highlighted various achievements made by women in diverse fields.


Speaking on the occasion the Dr Sujata threw light on the role of women in building a prosperous society. She said literacy among women folk is the main pillar and an important issue. Dr. Sujata said this gender is most vulnerable to abuse and exploitation as their voices are not heard in the male dominated society.


Till today, a lot of girls face inequality in the society with respect to their right to education, nutrition, legal rights, etc. The main objective of celebrating this day is to spread awareness in the society about these inequalities. The day is observed for enhancing opportunities for the girls in the country and to ensure that the girl children get respect and equality in rights. This day also focuses on making sure that the girl children become aware of their rights.


Dr. Sujata said several steps need to be taken in order to give concrete shape to the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign and Teacher/ educators/ parents in India have an important role to play.

Education should include gender studies in the core curriculum of schools so that students examine gendered social norms critically and learn to develop egalitarian constructions of masculinity and femininity.  Boys and young men must be educated in schools to value and respect women and girls, take responsibility for the increasing violence against girls, and respect girls’ rights to their own bodies.  Girls must be empowered by their education to speak up when they are abused, protest unwanted advances and protect themselves, and to demand their right to bodily integrity and respect in and outside of their homes. Women empowerment is must for their confidence, dignity and honor.


Dr Pratik, Secretary SHEWA NGO, said, "We are extremely happy to strongly commit ourselves to Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Mission. This social initiative has the power to change the entire socio-economic scenario of our society and lead us towards greater development and equitable society and in the long term, take us to a scenario where women contribute equally and strongly to our society's and country's development. No doubt, it will unleash a fresh wave of 'Nari Shakti' for a better India." 

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Tamarack Verrall
Jan 01
Jan 01

Hello Sugata,
It is so encouraging to see this photo and to read the words that were spoken out loud by these strong leaders. This is giving out such important messages, cutting through the heavy silencing and the pressure for us as women to be apologetic in asking even for crumbs of change. This is the depth of vision we need.

Jan 01
Jan 01

Hi Sugata,
A very warm welcome back to world pulse :-). We have missed you that big. What happened? Was all fine? Or it's just work related?

We hope you will not leave us again haha :-).
It's a nice international day I can see the seriousness on the post. Thanks very much, together we can effect that change.
Take care of yourself and stay safe.

Jill Langhus
Jan 01
Jan 01

Hi Dr. Sujata,

Welcome back! Thanks so much for sharing your recent event. It sounds like it went well. I agree that gender studies should be included in school to encourage egalitarianism and respect for women and girls. I also think that respect should be taught at home, too, since students will most likely carry on beliefs, patterns and behaviors from their home, even if their taught it in school. Is Shewa your organization? Do you have a website and/or social media page(s) for us to like/follow?

Happy New Year!

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hello Sugata,
Thank you so much for sharing and welcome back to World Pulse. looking forward to more of your posts.
Happy new year and have a blessed day.

Welcome back, Dr. Sugata,

Thank you for sharing this milestone of women leaders’ gathering. It is wonderful to see women training and supporting women.

sujata sanjay
Jan 03
Jan 03

Thanks sisster karen.

Its our duty to educate society. We are part of it.

You’re welcome, Doc. I agree. Have a great day!

Jan 02
Jan 02

Hi Sugata,its nice to know you are making such impact in your community and for girls keep the good work on.

Anita Shrestha
Jan 04
Jan 04

Dear SIs
Great work, keep it contine

Beth Lacey
Jan 09
Jan 09

A great event. Good luck with your work