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About Me

Lead Change Facilitator/Strategist for a global change consultancy with offices in the US, Asia and Africa

PhD from Nanyang Technology University (Singapore) in on-line learning (1999)

Overseas Experience

Five years as a teacher in the US military schools, based in Germany

Ten years in Singapore where I was a management consultant, adjunct faculty at the National Institute of Education, Singapore in a program designed to mentor teachers in how to incorporate technology that enhances the learning process Traveled to over fifty countries between 1963 and the present, consistently staying away from cities and spending my time in the back country whenever possible

Relevant Volunteer Mentoring Experience

A coach for Washington CASH based in Seattle, a non-profit that provids funding for disadvantaged adults who have a passion for entrepreneurship and the commitment to be involved in a multi-month certification. After their basic experience, I followed a dozen or more of these budding entrepreneurs as they moved through their early start up phases.

In a project sponsored by American Express, for women entrepreneurs in NE Thailand. I was a volunteer mentor for a village known for it’s weaving. My role was to assist a group of women in becoming entrepreneurs. I brought specific expertise as both as a weaver and a textile supply business based in Oregon.

Relevant Professional Experience

Lead designer for over 30 online learning projects in the US and SE Asia. Designer and facilitator for KDi’s Change Facilitation certification used for new hires and for our clients who are key team members for implementing change initiatives

Recent Publications

Lead Author, Leading Change that Matters
Published in English and Spanish with other translations pending
Implementing Change, a Guidebook for Teams
Stories at the Heart of Change in draft

My Vision

My vision for the world is one in which equality is not just a platitide but one in which greatness is doing what is right, walking shoulder to shoulder with others who believe their birthright is not to have it all but to empower others . It may well play itself out in ways that are different than my generation. But the essence of equility will always require taking action, have the fortutude to embrace every opportuity to speak out, to show kindness and to make our alliances with others who will empower us as we empower them.

It is the indeliable images I have of women everywhere who hold their heads high, do the best they can and work to ensure their children's children live in a more equitable world. Holding to the vision and acting on it gives us hope.

For me the essence of being human and working for equility is the simple, powerful act of sharing stories that come from the heart. Then we roll up our sleeves and act on the power of those stories. I am eager to hear the stories of village leaders and to grow and learn with a cadre of volunteers who share in this sisterhood of sharing.

Bring it on!


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