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About Me

My mother was a Shaman. I learned about the Power of Spirit when I was young. Life was easy as I was guided by the Angles.

I traveled across the United States and Hawaii as a waitress and worked on sail boats. I became a single parent of two children so I entered higher education as a high school drop-out.

As I grew up, I discovered there were many challenges that I had experienced from childhood. It was important for me to be in my Joy and find Peace.

Teaching Environmental Sciences, I was not happy about the problems that face our world. I started a business to educate people and change the world. People did not understand how green, sustainable lifestyles may help them to make money. My love of Nature and Spirit sets the stage for me to educate on Feminine Heart-centered consciousness and tapping into abundance from Natural Products worth over $72 trillion, worldwide, every year.

The key, Balance the Heart with Mind in Harmony with Nature.

My Vision

My Vision is for People to be in Love with and care for Nature. People attract Miracles by Living from their Heart-Centered Consciousness.


I feel Empowered when I am Embraced by a Loving, Compassionate, and Nurturing Community based on Dignity, Integrity, and Respect.


I help Women to Improve their Well-being, Strengthen their Intuitive Skills, and Increase their Abundance with Nature.


Economic PowerEducation EqualityGender-based ViolenceHuman Rights for WomenPeace and SecurityWomen and the EnvironmentWomen in LeadershipWomen's Health



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