Dream Management and Scholarship Projects

Posted October 23, 2013 from Cambodia

It has been along time that I haven't been actively participate with World Pulse, but I did open my ears to most of the stories and magazine online which makes me also want to share my experience working with PEPY too. Working with PEPY is considered as the right thing for me to choose a career that relates with my future dreams. Many of you might wondering, what is "Dream Management Project?" It is simple and easy to understand as I will facilitate grade 12 students in Krolanh High School and grade 9 students in Chanleas Dai Junior High School which are about an hour from the central city of Siem Reap, Cambodia. The schools are in remote area and students are learning through mostly from public textbooks and very limited access to different extra-curriculum and modern ways of learning like computer and internet. Hence, many students do not know what to do after high school. Even though they have dreams, they think that they could not do it because of personal and family financial shortage.

The purpose of the dream class is to help students to think before they graduate from high school of what they want to study at the university and what are the options that they could do to obtain university degree. We raise the problem up because the area (Krolanh), many students drop out of schools and students who finished high school do not know what to do next. To be a part of the solution, dream management project would like to help students bringing out their potential, realization and live their dreams. We will connect them with the system for different scholarship opportunities to study at universities as well as vocational training organizations.

PEPY also has scholarship program for Krolanh high school students. As PEPY's budget is limited, so we could only provide 20 scholarships for students who graduate from Krolanh High School to continue their study in Siem Reap city. They could choose to study at university in any available degrees or they can study on a two-year vocational training program that they could find jobs after they finish their studies. PEPY does not provide a full scholarship. We pay only the first three years of university fee and some stipend to share a part of the student's living expense. The reason of partial scholarship is to give students opportunity to support themselves because the duration gives students enough time to find part/full time jobs.

Through our interview with the students, they all strongly determined to find jobs to support their education until they finish their degree. Some would say if the earning is not enough they would borrow or ask help from their family's members and willing to pay back after. All the staff, including me, who are working on the projects, are happy and excited to nurture our students to achieve their dreams. If you want to know more about PEPY and it's programs, please go through this link: http://pepycambodia.org/.

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Oct 25, 2013
Oct 25, 2013

Having lived in Cambodia for a few months, I can fully appreciate the value of this program. This young generation have arrived at a turning point in Cambodia's history. Their parents survived (or participated in) the Khmer Rouge genocide and now deliberately put that period behind them refusing to speak about it.

Consequently, the youth and young adults of today have grown up with parents affected by the events of this event yet unable to share their experiences. Although education is valued, I saw how difficult it was for parents to nurture the dreams of their children as the parents witnessed firsthand how having an education led to targeted attacks by the Khmer Rouge. Therefore, it takes organizations such as PEPY to fill in that gap and encourage the youth to pursue their dreams.

Your work is indeed inspiring and I wish you every success as it will take a new generation of leaders to rebuild Cambodia so that it can rise above its horrific and corrupt past.

Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013

Dear Janice,

Thanks for your support! I do hope for a better future for Cambodia!