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The main goal of my Digital Action Campaign is to make technology work for the small business women. That is using it to be more efficient, more profitable and attract customers. First I want to create an application that will be easy to install in a smart phone for her to be able to access online wholesalers. Already there are 2 big wholesalers in my community who have introduced online shopping. She will be able to buy online after comparing prices and pay also online making her save time and lower risk of going around with hard cash. Secondly I want her to be able market herself on social media and network with other women using just her cellphone.

Audience of the DAC

My audience will be the small business women who are not technologically savvy.

Actions To Be Taken

I want my audience to invest time and energy on this campaign as they will not only be doing it for themselves but also giving others motivation and encouragement to use this application and internet tools for their businesses in the future.

All ideas and comments to make this campaign a success are most welcome and appreciated.

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Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Apr 15, 2016
Apr 15, 2016

Woow Eatladi, This is a wonderful idea. Coming in to bridge that gap is great. I would suggest you feature some stories of small business owners who are women and the challenges that they face finding market or customers. You have done well and i wish you all the best.

Maya Muñoz-Tobón
Apr 15, 2016
Apr 15, 2016

Amazing Eatladi, This sounds like a wonderful tool and way to think of bringing digital skills to small business women, such an empowering idea. I have a few questions: Does this application that you are talking about already exist? Do you have the knowledge and resources to build it? I am curious to know because this campaign sounds like it could have to directions. 1) Building a resource network to develop the app and the distribution (the why use it) of the app among women. Or 2) The importance for business women to gain the digital skills to access opportunities and tell their own stories. 

You can think about those specific actions that the small business women can take, like sharing their story about how they dream to expand their business or how they are contributing to the sustainability of their communities. I am looking forward to hearing more developments of this great campaign.

Kristina M
Apr 25, 2016
Apr 25, 2016

Dear Eatladi,

Training business women to become more technology savvy sound like a great idea.  Are you going to concentrate on women who have a smart phone but really are not using it effectively?  Or are you going to find women who do not really use a smart phone (or something else like a laptop) and show them how it can change their lives?