Posted May 15, 2016 from Botswana

For the past few weeks after my facilitation practice, I have been humbled to be asked to do it again in a larger scale. The women that participated in my previous workshop have been amazing support for me. They also share this news with others, which means my next facilitation will come at ease as I will be like recommended. Since my participation in the VOF, I can’t stop sharing the great moments with different women especially my friends who are now so interested in knowing what is World Pulse Community which has transformed their friend to be this strong woman.

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Stephanie A
May 23, 2016
May 23, 2016


This definitely shows the impact you had on your training participants - that's so great that they want you to do the training again, and for a larger audience! Will you be doing the same training as before, or will you be able to incorporate some of your learnings from the first round of training to change how you facilitate the training? I hope you will share the outcome of the next training with us, as well!