Abusive relationships and their after effects!

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Posted September 23, 2016 from India


This is the story of my friend Anmol, who at a very young age faced a life that was filled with child abuse. He has dealt with his step father’s aggression, his worst moods, his nonsensical activities with an uncaring attitude towards Anmol and his younger brother Akhil. He remembers how his step-father met his mother and they got married. After marriage his behavioural patterns changed dramatically, almost automatically so to say. He would lose temper and would shout at his wife and kids. Earlier when he used to get angry at his mother Anmol would get in the way. Whether they would start shouting at him or anything, he would remain there.The yelling activity would not stop.

One afternoon, Anmol got home late only to find his younger brother crying and his step-dad shouting at his mom, he was shocked to see a cut on his mum’s arm. Suddenly, he saw his father throw an ash-tray aiming his mother’s head. Anmol’s mother told him to leave at that very moment and go to their next door neighbors, she was scared for them. Neighbors ushered them in and told him to call the police. He called the police and told them all that was happening at his home.

The police came almost immediately, and after sometime his step-dad was yelling at the police as well. One of the police men came to where Anmol was staying at that time and told that his stepfather had been given a warning and if he would not mend his ways, he would be arrested and they could even go to the court if things turned out to be going out of their hands.

While things didn’t change much, after sometime, his step-dad’s mood temperaments kept showing up. He used to kick his labrador if he was in the worst of his moods. He would start fighting with his younger brother as well. Usually commenting that he would become mad if he talked to his mother and stuff. Anmol could never find rest at his home, even if he didn’t like to stay there, he wanted to take care of his brother. He could not invite anyone from his school at his home, watched TV with its volume turned on so that he and his brother would not have to hear any arguments.

Once his mom rang at his school & asked him to come home early because they would have to leave home at the earliest before their step-dad came home. They took refuge at a place where another family was also staying. His step-dad kept calling his mom on her cellphone, often threatening to kill her, to which she responded by calling the police and got him charged for making threat calls.

Recently, things are quieter with them, a bunch of friends of the lady including us, me and my sister took them to counselling session and made provisions so that their step-dad talks less with their mother. Their mother Anita has decided to go to a Family Court which would soon be organized.

All of us have been asking as to why did she not disclose all that was happening with them to us earlier. She remained quiet.

In India most women get abused but remain quiet, they don’t respond even if the worst happens, such women require counselling and take care of their kids before something happens with them.

No situation is so ugly that it can’t be made beautiful,

No truth is so bitter that it can’t be made sweet,

No evil force is so wicked that it can’t be made to change its way,

The answer to everything is a ‘be positive’ attitude,

Never, never, never give up;

May victory be yours!!

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