A Force for Good

Emily Romano
Posted July 8, 2016 from United States

“I know it sounds crazy, but I think this is what people need. I think we could change the world.” My conversation with Milly was optimistic as usual, she doesn’t really think in any other way. We always talk big, and dream bigger. Today however, the decision we made would completely alter our lives. It would send us on the start of an adventure we have still only begun to scratch the surface of.

We had never met in person at the time, but had been working together 6 months; her in the Netherlands, and myself studying in France. The app we were helping to design was sleek and sexy, but nothing revolutionary. If you can picture what the inside of a college frat party DJ’s brain looks like, it vaguely resembled that. Things were shifting though, and we could feel it.

Our talks were always driven by a common theme: what inspires us. Passion for art, culture, humanitarian work, environmental efforts, politics, social justice, and more would keep us chatting for hours, and we would hang up feeling fulfilled. So, why weren’t we feeling similarly scrolling on our various social media platforms? The good content was there, but it was shoved underneath and in between layers of selfies, celebrity gossip, and morbid news articles.

“What if there was a social platform, that was for social change?” I inquired one day, and we never looked back.

We had a base platform from our original app, we had some investors we could convince, we had a team of skilled people, and the drive to make something to heal the world. They all saw the unique potential our idea held, and committed to this new beginning, together.

We relocated; bringing most of the team together in San Francisco from all around the world. We created plans for the kind of app we wanted to stand behind, an app to heal the world. We completely redesigned, and reorganized the company. Milly, a once painfully shy person convinced basic design skills were all she had to offer, stepped into her new role of CEO. I became the Community Manager and Chief Creative Officer, while still completing my last year at University. Then, we began to grow a community of changemakers, and encouraged them to tell their stories authentically. We could not believe the amount of people around the globe who believed, as we had, that they were “nothing special”. Soon their stories opened hearts and began connecting people in incredible ways.

Now almost 9 months later, our crazy dream is becoming a reality. Boomcast is a platform dedicated to positive news, and positive change. We have over 30 ambassadors who have shared their stories of struggle, of passion, and of triumph. We have recruited some of the largest, game-changing organizations from around the world to broadcast ways for people to take action on social, environmental, and political issues from the app itself. We have built a network of individuals and organizations coming together to make a difference.

It has not been easy, and we have only just begun. Being female co-founders, we have had to learn to back up our optimism with strength; our compassion, with fire. We have worn many hats. We have become the community managers, designers, marketing specialists, social media managers, and the visionaries. We have learned to create, to pitch, to network, and to run a business from the ground up. We have been rejected time and again by investors who’d rather see money than positive impact. We have given up being near our families, not been near loved ones in time of sickness and defeat, we have jeopardized time with friends and sacrificed stability. We have struggled, and fallen, and persevered with a clear vision in mind: to give people the platform they need to heal the world.

We have also given those in our community voices. We have shared their stories, their art, their businesses, and their passions with others. We give them a place to feel connected, understood, and strong. We realize that there needs to be a shift in perspective. That we need to move from watching and judging on the sidelines, into taking action and demanding a better world. It is not about one voice, but about the power of our voices together. We are creating a force for good, and it feels incredible.

We’re confident because we have support, we’re passionate because we know that what we’re doing is right. Despite our fears and insecurities, we refuse to lose our determination. We will lead with intent and passion. What we have to offer is needed; for our team, our loved ones, the Boomcast community and the world around us. And we’re ready.

This story was submitted in response to #SheMeansBusiness: Women Entrepreneurs.

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Olaoluwa Abagun
Jul 24, 2016
Jul 24, 2016

Dear Ecromano,

I just checked out and liked your page on facebook. Boomcast is BOOM!

I am very excited for you and Milly. In a world where the digital space is overtaken by men, it is refreshing to see 2 innovative women team up to come up with such a timely and impactful platform.

I can't wait to see Boomcast invading the internet community and ushering meaningful conversations. I agree with you that social media should not be all about selfies :)