The day Hillary Clinton became just like any of us ordinary women

Posted September 13, 2016 from Zimbabwe

One day I was invited to speak at an event organised by Radio Netherlands training centre in Harare on sexual harssment in the newsrooms and the workplace in general. I chose to speak from my heart, and part of doing that involves speaking about what I know personally.

I referred to sexual harassment in the context of Zimbabwe and commented on how 'women in Africa' were still suffering so many prejudices for simply being women. In my small mind, this sort of harassment and prejudice did not happen in the first world. It didn't happen to women with PhD's and whose emails had domain names of developed countries.

I was wrong; after the meeting, one of the women organisers who had come from Netherlands came to me and thanked me for speaking so passionately but quickly pointed out that she had experienced sexual harassment all her life in the newsroom.

''The situation of women is the same the world over, the difference is only contextual but it boils down to the same thing,' she said.

Even though I had travelled the world, I still had a narrow view of what women go through globally, especially those in the first world.

And then American Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton fell sick with pneumonia and misorgynists in the United States lost their minds - including from her own party who began rooting for her to resign.

What candidate Clinton is going through right now could be viewed as poltical but it's also gendered as much as it is political.

If it was a man who had fallen sick and caught on camera he would have been given a pass because ''he is a man and he is strong enough, he will shrug it off''. We would be seeing headlines like ''so and so has buckled under pressure'' or something like that.

Hillary Clinton being villified for getting sick after campaigning so hard for so long is the epitome of sexism. Why can't she get sick with pneumonia when she has been meeting - and hugging - so many people?

Pneumonia is not the problem here, its the perception that she ''won't recover fully'' because of course women are weak!

Most feminists, myself included, want Hillary clinton to win and go on and become President of the United States. We, women, want to write that part of history. The world's most powerful country being presided over by a woman for the first time ever. Of course we want that.

Angela Merkel in Germany, Theresa May inUnited Kingdomand Hillary Clinton in the United States of America equals the perfect new world order. I am rooting for it.

Women taking over the reigns of the world's most powerful countries at the same time is an unprecedented and unparalleled deed, and the feminist in me wants to see that in my lifetime.

Hillary Clinton is a strong woman who suffered a physical affliction which does not affect her intellectual capabilities to run the office of President, misorgynists must dust themselves and find other reasons to hate her, and us women in general.

By the way, let me remind you what some of the ''healthy men'' who have held presidency the world over did for humanity;David Cameron caused Brexit, Tony Blair and George Bush started the atrocious Iraqi war, Mugabe destroyed Zimbabwe, Assad has torn Syria apart, Zuma used a shower rose to try and scrub off HIV, built Nkandla and has four wives when HIV statistics inSub SaharanAfrica show that one in ten South Africans is living with HIV.

Stillhave any appetite for these men at the top? Naaa I didn't think so.

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Sep 14, 2016
Sep 14, 2016

Hear, hear! Hillary is tough and she is well versed in handling these ridiculous sexist attacks. She'll go on and hopefully win this November. She is already a tremendous role model for women, young and old, around the world to never give up.

At the same time I think it's up to all of us, women and men alike, to push back against these sexist mentalities and support young women in their education and career development so that they can show their power through knowledge and action. What do you think?