Is there a gender war? IWD 2021 advocacy campaign

Efe Omordia
Posted March 5, 2021 from Nigeria

Conflicts can be compared to that cold that never quite goes away. 

In a number of places in Subsharan Africa, conflicts have become quite the norm. In Cameroon, there is an ongoing conflict between some individuals in the French speaking and English speaking parts. 

In Burkina Faso, a country that has been relatively peaceful for a while, there was a recent report of a bombing incident by  suspected insurgents, South Sudan is also not left out in this orgy of violence, same with Nigeria where the Boko Haram insurgents and others are making quite a number of areas a security risk. 

This might be a naive assertion but I think that most wars begin with two individuals or groups not managing an initial disagreement so as a result of my interests  in providing appropriate behaviour interventions with a bias for using preventive methods, I am using the occasion of the international women's day celebration to promote women in particular as well as peace between the genders using an online campaign 

Since the pandemic, I have increased an earlier resolve to use mainly online based interventions for my work. I have therefore prepared a short Pidgin English video to share in various social media platforms. This video will also promote World Pulse. 

I am choosing Pidgin English as the medium of communication because in my country Pidgin English is spoken by 30miilon plus individuals and is the language that reduces the ethnic tension that is often a characteristics of multi ethnic societies like Nigeria.

The main platform I am using to distribute this advocacy video is my  Facebook group made up of 900+ members called Pidgin English Nation. I will also be sharing this video in other platforms. I will also use posts to promote the intented message 


I will also be encouraging women in my network to join and share their stories on World Pulse 

My intention is to make the space less prone to violence for women and girls

This story was submitted in response to #HerStoryMakesHistory.

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Kristine Yakhama
Mar 05
Mar 05

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