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About Me

I am public health expert who's aim is to help women and children live a healthy life.

seek for the welfare of poor women in rural settings is my priority.
i help to seek the welfare of poor women in my rural community especially women with malnourished children who needs help. i counselled them to use locally available in the right proportion to get balanced diet for them to aid early recovery.
I assist the mothers to get income generating skills and design programmes to create wealth for them and their family.
I also encourage the women to not look down on themselves and build intrinsic motivation and have confidence in themselves in all that they do.
Since our settings our culture look down on women, i use my leadership in the women movement in my church tell women to be their-self and move on.
Some of the challenges i encounter during my field of work and as women leader includes:
-Women are unemployed and solely depends on their husbands for survival.
- No funding

My Vision

To improve the wealth and health of all women through self motivations and hard work
and capacity building by honest, integrity and care


I would need sponsorship in order to get place and logistics to work with from the community and mentors.
also like to have partnerships.


I am a public health Officer.
I can support the work of other through social marketing, advocacy, designing of programmes to empower women.


Economic PowerEducation EqualityEmpowering GirlsWomen's HealthHuman Rights for Women


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