Angry Waves Fight Coastal Communities

Shirley Asiedu-Addo
Posted July 10, 2017 from Ghana
Fishermen salvage whats left
Tidal waves fight fishermen and coastal communities over negatives practices

Tidal waves swept along the shores of fishing communities in the Central region on Saturday night claiming one life and destroying about 32 boats.

Kofi Mensah, 52 a fisherman in Cape Coast is suspected to to have drown in efforts at salvaging some of the fishing gear being destroyed by the angry waves. Kwasi Baafi a brother of the lost fisherman said he believed he was dead. "He fell into sea as we tried to send some of the boats to Elmina and we have since not found him. It's likely he's dead," he added.

The boats were smashed into pieces of logs by high tidal waves on Saturday night. Fishing nets have also been washed away. Many other boats have been damaged. A few fishermen also sustained minor degrees of injuries as they retrieve what was left of their gears.

Fishermen told media men that ravaging waves swept across some fishing communities causing massive destruction to their fishing gears. Affected Communities The affected fishing communities include Saltpond, Anomabo, Kormantse Abandze and Cape Coast. Affected fishermen said their livelihoods have been seriously affected and need urgent support to go back to work.

At Nankesdo in Saltpond, Nana Kobina Kum, a boat owner said his boat was affected said fishermen were alerted around 10pm on Saturday about the rampaging waves and the destruction it have caused to their gears. We rushed here to seen some of the boat split into several parts. Some have also sunk into the sea.

The Worse Seen

They observed that the destruction was the worse in recent times. "This has happened before but the intensity of Saturday incident was the worse we have seen. Kobina Kum said the fishermen were beginning to get some good catches saying the incident was unfortunate.


The fishermen appealed to the Ministry of Fisheries to construct breakwater along the beaches to safeguard their gears against such incidents. They also called for support to get back into business. Tidal waves along the beaches are becoming stronger and more destruction as negative environmental practices including sand winning continue along the beaches.

Fishery experts have several warned against sand winning and other practices saying it could have disastrous consequences on fishermen and fishing communities along the coast.

Negatives sand winning activities continue in many coastal communities. Huge men in huge tracks defy laws and win sand along the beaches.

For these behaviours and many others related to the big issue of climate change the waves are angry and ready to kill and destroy.


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Shirley Asiedu-Addo
Jul 10, 2017
Jul 10, 2017

Hello...Am here to stay...Encourage me.

leila Kigha
Jul 11, 2017
Jul 11, 2017

Hello Efua dear, 

I loved reading your write up. Mainly because I learned about sand winning. Never paid attention to it before but from. Your article, the consequences are grave to the environment and to men. The lives and livelihood of many got dashed because of unruly behaviors. 

Thank you for enlightening us. 

Cant wait to read more from you :) 


Jul 19, 2017
Jul 19, 2017

hello  Efua,  So sorry,  i pray that help will come your way.

Sarah Murali
Aug 04, 2017
Aug 04, 2017

Thank you for sharing what has happened, Shirley. It's heartbreaking to see the struggles this community is facing. Can you please explain what "sand winning" is? That isn't a term I am familiar with.

Unfortunately, the increasing intensity of storms and extreme weather is familiar to me, as climate change is making this more common worldwide. I wish this community all the best as they adapt to this changing reality. 

Best wishes,