EK. Chemorion
Posted June 10, 2020 from Kenya



 The Joy of every mother is to have safe delivery and see her children grow even in the worst conditions.  African womanhood has had a big share of the pain of loss of children who needed to take care of themselves. The risk of losing the grown children is even higher than the under fives al else considered. Sisters, Issues that affect our Melanated sisters around the globe touch me to the core of my being.

The thought of losing many melanated children through the hands of people who ought to protect them buffles me and makes me sad.

As our sister’s son, lay handcuffed down on his belly and 

with a police officers knee on his neck  pleading for his life

 on the 25th of May to no avail.

The bystanders who were busy taking videos,

 and tried asking the police to let him go,

 still received no response.

Floyd pleaded several times he couldn’t  breath that they let him go.

 As was taught by his mama,  Floyd even called him Sir,

He told him ‘ I cant breathe’,

but no one listened.  No ear heard his words

In desperation,

the only sure thing he knew was mama,

mama could not let him down.

Even when mama was not there,

he dared to tell mama to tell her he could not breath!

For about nine minutes of expressing discomfort and ccalling to be heard, giving the bearer of the knee all the respect he deserved,

And with exhaution,

With oxygen denied,

He breathed HIS LAST.

Yes for sure, he was motionless, the knee was released,


His silence was heard???

his body taken to the Ambulance???

Oh Good of Mercy!


I believe as sisters, affected by this heart wrenching reality of loss of a sacred life on camera in broaddaylight have a big responsibility to listen, to stand up in solidarity for justice for our sons and for our melanated sisters.

We continue to pray for all those expectant melanated sisters ; Gracce and mercy

We pray for the young boys and young adult men, may angels watch over you in the streets and homes. May God, the most mercifil and gracious, the immutable one exenorate you from being feared to death!

We pray for survivors  and those who have lost family through police brutality;  we hold your hands with compassion and we stand in solidaritysolidarity.

Wepray for mothers as they instruct children on how to survive the system, not knowing what else to tell their son’s growing up: we hold you in our prayers.


Floyd is  calling for sisters from the community of sisterhood to stand together with the melanated worldover. A call like this adds to other calls of  the African race that  has never known peace for over 400 years. Generation after generations. Young,old, men women are taken from the community, killed for no apparent reason.

This story would have been different before the world was digitally connected and covered. Claims of police brutality would easily be dismissed. A big thumbs up to tehcnonolgy that  helped so they could not say people did not see well. The nine minute technological coverage helped uncover the darkest events that were hidden before the era of smartphones. We continue to use technology to remember all those silence by the imperial powers whose cases were closed with no justice deliverd. We give their names includinga Breona, who was murderd on her bed…who would have been 27 years this year. Together with many others men and women, we remember you.

May God grant us the courage to name the issues affecting our melanated sisters!

May he give us the patience to stnd in solitarity!

May he enable us to pursue justice for humanity!



This story was submitted in response to Black Lives Matter.

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Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Jun 10, 2020
Jun 10, 2020

Hello, sister EK,

What a powerful post this is. Thank you for speaking about this human rights violence. I love this, "the only sure thing he knew was mama,

mama could not let him down.

Even when mama was not there,

he dared to tell mama to tell her he could not breath!"

To be honest, I was in tears when I saw the video of how George Floyd died. This time the world is listening, and when we called "Mama", he called the women of this world to listen to him. Thank you!

Audrey Bake
Jun 10, 2020
Jun 10, 2020

Mummy your story is really mind blowing. I love that love that connects the son and the mother. More grace to you and a big thanks to world pulse. I am in love with your words of expression and the passion towards humanity. Keep it up.

leila Kigha
Jun 11, 2020
Jun 11, 2020

Sister EK
thank you for speaking out on this. It is our place to stand as sisters and be there for our 'sons'. Our voices can be heard and will make a difference, as women. I couldn't bring myself to watch the video because of what i know it would stir up within. Disgust! At the every failing systems of injustice and disregard for human life!

Jun 12, 2020
Jun 12, 2020

Hello Beautiful Sister,
Trust you are safe?
Thank you for sharing
You are important to us.
We love you.
Stay safe.

Tamarack Verrall
Jun 13, 2020
Jun 13, 2020

Dear sister EK,
This is a call for taking the responsibility to listen, to "stand up in solidarity for justice for our sons and for our melanated sisters". Yes, to name every issue and to create the world that we know is possible.
In sisterhood,

Kika Katchunga
Jun 15, 2020
Jun 15, 2020

Hello Ek
it is horrible my sister; with the weapon in the eyes to hear; I know that our God is the God of all true justice; he is going to stand up to act. Let my sister be strong. Stay safe