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About Me

I am a proud to be a woman. I am christian, member of the Reformed church in kenya. Iam also an African woman theologian, and pastor in waiting (for ordination). i have a diploma in theology, community based development, certificate in social development work, bachelors degree in theology, Masters degree in clinical pastoral care and counseling. I have enrolled for my Ph.D practical theology at Stellenbosch university, south Africa.

I am a mother of three daughters: mercy, Grace and Christine and One son-Francis.

I am very passionate about women and more than willing to share information, be there for needy women and do something to improve needy women's conditions all over the world.

currently i work in the hospital and work with a group of women in \busia region to give needed support to women and girl children who have suffered violence in the hands of men. Advocating and championing for the course of women counselling, community mobilization, awareness creation, group formation

My Vision

work with communities to build suppport systems for women in need