Posted March 2, 2015 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

I want to thank all women who made the women rights to be a reality. I also, want to thank all those who spend their time to lead and mentor the young generation who we are. You have made us strong and energetic to take our struggle to greater heights. I remember one woman told me: “my daughter you have to be strong, and very clever, you have to work very hard because our society will never give you something easily. If you want to get a high social position, if you want to impact your world, if you want to be heard ... you have to prove your ability.” This woman was right.

I discovered that it is the reality of life. Many people think that we are weak, helpless because we are women or we are youth. In fact, any time when one wants to undertake something important in any community, there are always persons around who will do their best to discourage and break the morale. So, you have to face them. You must work hard to show them how much you are able, ready to implement what you have set out to accomplish. It is you role to defend and protect your mission.

Also, I noticed that in our way, we need to be inspired, to be led, we need to be supported. So we have to communicate, to share our thoughts with those who have experience, in order to get different views about a number of things. We can get strategies which can help us in our goal realisation. We have to do much research in order to entertain our inspiration. I mean: we must read more, hear more, and watch more about similar situation of ours. Then, we will keep our ideal fresh, rich, and strong. I am Christian, and I know that God is above all. So we have to submit to him our projects and believe in him. Hi is a lovely father and he give us all good things in our life. With him, we can’t collapse. That why I always involve him in all my projects.

This year, international women’s day will highlight the Beijing declaration and platform of action, which it was signed 20 years ago. I know that it was not easy for the first women rights activists get recognition of parity. Also, I know that those 20 longs years were not easy. Every day, new challenge come up but you have overcome them all. I want to talk to young women whom I am one.

Dear sisters who are growing up, we are supposed to continue this long battle that was started by our mothers and grandmothers. That way, we can work hard and live meaningful and sensible lives. So ours mothers can be sure that their straggle was necessary and important. Then they can be proud of us. The target of our work is not just to make our mothers proud of us but to prepare the future of our daughters and granddaughters for greater responsibilities in future. So, we must work until we get a best and constant women situation. During this month, I want us to get inspired, get courageously and especially to take a decision to act. The battle has just started and still continues.

I wish you a great women’s month.


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Yvette Warren
Mar 16, 2015
Mar 16, 2015

I am so happy, E'ka, that you honor our struggles. My own children scorn me for not following the ancestral paradigm for how mothers are "supposed to" behave. 

I know that what we sacrificed was worth it when I see young people, like you and my son and daughter, creating new ways of relating to each other and our shared earth.

Thank you.